DIY Home Solutions: Other Uses of Stretch Wrap

One man’s trash can be someone else’s treasure. Without having to get all stinky and rummaging through piles of rubbish, I came across another valuable find: stretch wrap. Yes, it’s that unassuming sheet of plastic film – sometimes called stretch film – which companies like Kite Packaging use to keep pallet loads stable enough to transport from one place to another.

Now, who would’ve thought that stretch wrap can be used for purposes other than packaging? Here are some ways on how you can use stretch wrap around the house:

1. Dust-proofing items

• If that old blender is simply gathering dust inside your kitchen cabinet, you’d do better to stash it 
   away for the meantime, until you find someone to pass it on to.
• A stack of books will look better organized when grouped together by size using stretch wrap.
• When storing household items or trinkets which you seldom use, you can wrap them in stretch   
  wrap to keep dust – and even unwanted mites – at bay.

2. Weather-proofing furniture

If you have outdoor wood patio furniture, extreme weather is your worst enemy. When heavy downpour or a storm is imminent, you could cover your precious furniture in stretch wrap. This highly stretchable plastic film will cling to your wooden tables and chairs and protect them from the possible damage rain can bring.

3. Moving houses

When moving to a new house, the last thing you’d want is to see your lovely ceramic vase shattered to pieces. You can keep fragile items from breaking by wrapping them in stretch wrap before packing them in boxes. The tautness of the plastic film will make those priceless objects virtually unbreakable.

4. Workout aid

You need to burn those calories but hardly have the time – or sexy outfits – to hit the gym. In lieu of expensive exercise equipment, you can use stretch wrap as resistance bands while doing your workout at home. You can wrap them around your ankles as you lift your feet. You can even wrap them around the balls of your feet, all the way up to your shoulders and do some squats or jumping. Doing core exercises has just gotten easier and cheaper.

Final word
It’s pretty awesome how stretch wrap goes from being an industrial implement to a household item, to even a workout gadget. With its surprising versatility, the stretch wrap will definitely stretch your imagination. Can you come up with other creative ways to use it?

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krizza said...

Thank you for all these great tips Rovs! Love ko tong mga ganitong tips. Musta ka na? I've been following your status at FB and I could see how busy and productive you are. At talagang bongga ang social life ha! Hahaha.

Love u Sis....missing you.

Rovie Aguis said...

Been quite busy din sis but nakaka-update pa rin ng blogs kahit papanu. Blogging events equals social life sis. Hehehe

I miss you and love you too :)

F & B said...

In fairness, I haven't tried using stretch wraps as resistance bands for working out. I might try some day. =)

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