Home Entertainment Center for the Holiday Season

If this is the year you finally relent and buy the new Xbox One for your home’s entertainment center you couldn’t have picked a better year.  The upgraded features and new look of the box have pushed it to the top of the must have list for veteran gamers and novices alike.  The new box has been slimmed down and now only requires a power cord and HDMI cable to get it started.  Once you’re up and running the changes are evident right away.  The controller’s responsive input and vibration feedback still adds realism to the games.  And the kit powers the controller whether it’s in use or on standby. 
The controller features gaming systems compatible with windows 10 via USB, a 3.5mm stereo headset jack that lets you plug right into the controller and you don’t need a USB cable to update because it can now be done wirelessly.  Impulse triggers and vibration motors let you feel the action and the redesigned D-pad is better at directional and sweeping movements than ever. 
Add-ons make great gifts for those who want the newest innovations on the market, and you can find tons of stuff to enhance your little gamers paradise on the Groupon site.  If your family already owns an Xbox One and are enjoying the Ultra HD 4k video and high dynamic range color, you can follow up that gift with a bundle of chargers, headphones, or even wireless controllers that are thematic, making them more personal.  The Hulk would work well for some of the guys while a Star Wars themed controller would make another one smile. Right now you can save 40% on controllers or more when you use a Groupon online.  And you’ll find other accessories like live chat headphones, replacement thumb grips and silicone protector cases to stuff into their stockings. 

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5 Holiday Gifts to Send That Aren’t Gift Cards

If you have friends, relatives and businesses associates that live out of town, you might want to send them gifts for the holidays. It can be hard to pick a gift for someone who lives far away. You might not see them very often to know what they already own or are into lately. These days, people often send gift cards. To some people, this is almost an insult, because it shows that you did not take the time and effort to pick something out that they would like. Plus, if they are elderly or are not Internet savvy, they are going to have a hard time using a gift card and your gift may go to waste. Here are a few sure-fire gift deliveries that will please most people.


Flower deliveries are not just for Valentine’s day. They are appreciated any time of year. The good people at Telaflora have a nice selection of autumn and winter flowers and potted plants. These would make a nice centerpiece for a holiday dinner table.


You can give the gift of delicious fruit, by having a delivery made by a company such as Harry and David, from Oregon, who is famous for their pears and other fruit.  You could also consider sending preserved meats, jams or jellies or even a nice big spiral-cut honey baked ham, for the holiday dinner.

Meal Kits or Groceries

Many cities now have grocery delivery available. You can go online and fill up your virtual basket and make your purchase. Instead of the box boy taking your groceries to your car for you, now they will bring it all the way to your house.  If you have friends and relatives out of town, you could fill your shopping cart with delicacies and have them delivered to someone’s house.

There are also companies, such as Blue Apron, who deliver meal kits. These meals are designed by chefs and the kits contain all the ingredients needed to prepare a gourmet meal. You can have these delivered to someone on a schedule, so it is the gift that keeps on giving.

There are also companies that do the same thing with wine.  They will send one or more bottle of wine, along with a nice card, to anyone you like. You can schedule these deliveries far in advance, so it makes for a good way to remember people’s birthdays, anniversaries and other special dates. It is good for both family and business gift giving.

Make a Charitable Gift

If you know someone who has everything, give something to someone else on their behalf. You could make a donation to a local, national or international charity in the name of your gift recipient. You could donate to groups that feed people, create jobs or beautify your community.  There is even a charity that will buy a cow or a goat, for a poor family in Africa. You could give your friend or family member a stuffed animal toy along with a note explaining your gift.

Homemade Gifts

The best gifts are often those that come from the heart. If you are into arts and crafts, make something special for someone and pack it up nicely and mail it to them for Christmas. The best gift that you can give is something that comes from your heart. They will know that you gave of your time, to make them happy. That is the most priceless gift of all.

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Life is a Gift

Life is an all- encompassing word. We have different definitions and interpretations of it. Here is a beautiful essay of life contributed by a friend.

I was asked to write something about life. Well, I thought it’s just so easy I can churn up tons of things about it in a few hours. But when I touched the keyboard and I stared at the blank page of my computer, I suddenly don’t know what to write about. I am 23 years old and have an incurable disease. It has been years past that I was diagnosed with this condition. I’ve experienced recurrent visits to the doctor, survived a number of complications and surpassed emotional stress and psychological challenges.

One day, I decided to get enough sun by strolling at a nearby park. It was a few days after I was cleared from a mean respiratory infection. Walking along a grassy patch when I stepped on an empty, wrinkled cocoon attached to a dry twig. I mindlessly turned to a paved pathway where the growing hibiscus blooms in profusion when I saw something flew out from the bushes. It was a small orange butterfly. It flew from flower to flower, from a leaf to a branch, disappeared among the hedges and glided smoothly up in the air. That moment, I felt a mixture of sadness and envy. But what suppressed these gloomy emotions from building up into streaks of tears was the eventual understanding that to live is a choice.
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8 Most Popular Fashion Essentials for Women

Every fashionable woman has their own fashion necessities that complete their closet. Among the enormous list of fashion apparels, many women considered these 8 fashion staples as very essential to them; in fact, these are the things that they can't live without.

1. The Little Black Dress

Little black dress is a must in every woman’s wardrobe. Fashion observers believe that every woman should own a simple but elegant black dress in her lifetime. A black dress can be designed and worn according to the owner’s preference but most of the time it is styled depending on the occasion. It is also very easy match the little black dress with any color and it can also be worn during daytime as the major part of your business ensemble.

2. The Basic Black Blazer

Basic black blazer is a perfect touch for a night on the weekend or in the office any day of the week. This is considered to be as one of fashion staples for women because you will never go wrong with black blazer especially if you want to keep that “corporate” look regardless of the day or time or even of the occasion.

3. Form Fitting Denim

Form fitting designer denim is usually made of durable fabric so it keeps it shape and lasts longer. Denim jeans are considered hardworking pants and have become a wardrobe staple for men and women alike because of the comfort and convenience it gives. Indeed, a plain blue jean can get you through any day as no one can live without a great pair of denim jeans.

4.  Plain Tee

A plain tee of any kind and color is one of the most popular fashion essentials for women. This minimalist and plain-looking fabric may look boring and simple to some but the comfort and convenience it gives is like no other. Accessorizing is easy with a plain colored t-shirt.

8 Fashion Staples Women Can

5. Tote

Yes, women can’t live without a tote. Actually, most women do not just have one or two totes but lots of them. A lot of women I know usually keep totes of different brands, styles, colors and sizes. It is a must for women to have a tote that can carry everything her heart desires wherever she goes.

6. Fashion Accessories

When you hear the word fashion accessories, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it about the fashionable hats and scarves, an intricately designed jewelry, or those expensive watches? Whatever it is you are wearing and how you are wearing it, always remember that they are designed to enhance and complement your outfit. So don’t be afraid to accessorize!

7. Black Pumps

Black pumps are one of the most important fashion essentials any woman could ever have. A pair of classic black pump can be elegantly paired with almost everything from mini-dresses to lovely gowns. You can also confidently wear your black pumps in the office or even to any formal events.

8. Magic Wrap Skirt

Magic wrap skirts can be worn in 100 different ways. As the name suggests, it is indeed like magic wherein one skirt can be fashionably worn differently to suit your style and personal measurements. With the two contrasting fabrics as part of the ensemble, you can easily wear it around your hips or a pretty summer top.

There goes the list. With these 8 fashion staples, you can easily create a perfect outfit anytime, anywhere. What about you, what’s in your list? We are so excited to know what’s in your closet. Let us know what you know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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Best Video Converter for Mac from Movavi

The ability to view video on various forms of devices is a really an amazing thing. But your enjoyment can get hampered if there are compatibility problems that often take place while you try to see the same video on another different device. It is for the fact that all the video players cannot support all the video formats. With the help of unique software for video conversion, you can change the format to a universal type such as AVI.

No loss of quality

In order to view the movies or films in Mac, you can apply Movavi’s movie converting software for Mac to make your movie perfectly attuned to Mac. After the conversion, there will be no loss of qualities and it will remain just as original video. Movavi has acquired the most excellent computer program and for this reason the final quality of the video in case of Mac is always really superior. Moreover, you can add some more features if you want customization according to your own taste.

Various qualities of Mac Movie Converters

• Convert any video file format to any other based on your preference and enjoy it in your Mac. The variety of formats and tool presets include MP4, MOV, Google Nexus, and so on.

• Some of these kinds of format such as MP4 and also AVI are very popular because of their particular feature known as same as input and these are accessible in video converter Mac of Movavi. The exact original look of your video would be obviously preserved to create the best possible quality. The user can also get the facility of custom presets. He has to define here a proper frame speed rate, resolution, along with bit rate and then add them to the list.

• The Super Speed conversion rate is several times faster in Movavi and so you can edit the scenes, cut or trim it and also some scenes within a very quick period of time. The presets of Super Speed conversion have also editing features. The users can use a type of markers available to mark the beginning part and the end part of your ultimate video.

• When files are place in Movavi Video Converting software, all presets, which support the stated Super Speed conversion, are labeled as Super Speed. After choosing these presets, all the related, which will be converted without any re-compression are labeled with the help of Super Speed conversion. The marked folders will be transformed to the particular presets and there will be no re-encoding at the time of conversion. The rest of the part will be converted through the standard conversion procedure.

• This conversion of Super Speed is activated as default. But it may be deactivated if you like so.

• Video Parameters such as brightness level, contrast, and many more can also be set according to your own choice.

Movavi has absolutely developed into a leading software creator in the field of Movie Converters for all types of devices comprising Mac and the conversion can be done in terms of most of the video formats.

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