Blessings Received

This is such a productive day aside from being one of the most memorable and important days of my life. Since I'm pregnant, I preferred to stay home to rest and only go out on important appointments so I always see to it that every transaction is worthwhile.

In less than four hours today, I have been to a bank to activate my online banking account and to another bank to open an EON account. Also went to TESDA to inquire on the available scholarships they are offering this year, attend an orientation and open an account with the nearest Cooperative and most importantly meet with my lawyer and former friends at NLRC.

Isn't this day a productive one? The Lord has been so good indeed. Since Tachu Bren believes that I had a long day, he went home with my food request... BULALO from Penong's. Despite his difficulty commuting since the car is scheduled for emission, he still managed to bring home my most awaited treat without minding the hassle.

We shared late night dinner while exchanging stories on the exciting events that we have encountered throughout the day. By the way, I can't eat without drinking soda right after every meal, so it is bulalo plus soda (RC Cola, of course!) . If this habit is not good ; I am really sorry but I don't just want it but I really need it to help me stabilize after eating and also prevent me from vomiting. This has just started last week and I'm hoping that I can do away with this sooner especially now that I am into my second trimester. I'm still looking for ways to really stop this the soonest possible time.

Received messages of love and support via calls and text messages from family and true friends. They are the ones who keep me going. I have been blessed knowing that they are always there to love and support me no matter what. I also find strength in knowing that the I have done nothing wrong and my conscience is clear; not even a drop of guilt in my mind and in my heart.

I thank the Lord for the blessings he bestowed on me today. The blessing of good health, loving family and friends and the blessing of knowing that the LORD is Just and Fair. I believe that in His own perfect time everything will be revealed and the truth will come out in the open and everybody will received what they truly deserve because nothing is hidden in God's sight.

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Kangaroo said...

I agree dear. God is watching! stay happy and pretty.

Rovie said...

indeed!!!! thanks so much for being there!

My Firm Foundation said...

correct sister! God is Just and Fair!just hold on to Him

Rovie said...

thanks so much sis...

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