Friendship That Lasts A Lifetime

Friends spice up our lives. They made us laugh and cry. They crack jokes, do some silly moves, or give pieces of advice just to cheer us up when we are down. They are also willing to lend their sympathetic ears whenever we need it. They teach us life lessons and help us to become better individuals. We all want to have real and long-lasting friendships but nurturing this kind of relationship entails a lot of effort.

Communication is the key ingredient to a stronger friendship. You can still keep the friendship even if you are miles apart from each other. With the advancement of technology, you can easily send text messages, emails or give them a ring. You can be updated with each other by connecting through social media. If you live in the same place, make an effort to spend your spare time with your friends; watch movies, go out on weekends or have coffee regularly.If you’re strapped for money, chilling out at the nearest park or hitting the malls could also be a good and practical bonding activity. You can also watch movies on DVD, eat popcorn or just chew sugar free gum while enjoying the show.

When your friends are weary and in low spirits, console them and empathize with what they are going through. Help them with their problems or at least give helpful advises to make the situation a little better. Each person has different knacks, preferences and even flaws, these things make them unique and special. Don’t try to change them instead accept them wholeheartedly. If you have to criticize, do it tactfully without hurting ones feelings. If conflicts arise, stay calm and talk rationally. Don’t hesitate to say sorry. Be open-minded and forgiving. After all, every genuine friendship will lasts for a lifetime.

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My Firm Foundation said...

thanks to the modern tech that we have today, we can build friendship despite the distance..

kulasa said...

I feel so blessed to be surrounded by friends who are just a call away each day....yes indeed the best of friendships lasts a just made me want to visit some near friends and to send the far ones a sweet message...and I am leaving a huge smile here for my wonderful friend in you :D....will be sending the sugarless gum some other time eh hehe :)

Ria C said...

I agree! 101%! True friends come far in between and when they do, we should treasure them like gold. And I believe that no matter the distance or how long you've last seen nor heard form each other, the next meeting will always seem like a catch up from "yesterday."

Teresa Martinez said...

I have a very good friend and we've been friends for ages. We remain in regular contact even if its been years that we haven't seen each other.

Nova said...

another informative blog post. thanks for sharing..

Chubskulit Rose said...

It takes time to find genuine friends and when they do come to your life, you should never let them go. Beautiful points of friendship you have here Mommy!

papaleng said...

Salamat sa Facebook and other social media sites, dumami ang friends ko. LOL Hindi na ako Mr. Lonely..

Lainy said...

True friends are indeed very hard to find so when they come along, it's just so silly and stupid to let them go. It takes genuine effort to build a really good foundation for the friendship to thrive.

Time and distance doesn't really matter. I have a bestfriend and I have known her my entire lifetime but I've lost her to her live-in partner. So you see, it's not how long you've been together. I have a few friends that I have met just recently but I value and love them to bits. Wheew! Friends really adds sugar and spice and makes life and our world rocking! ;-)

Ron said...

friends do come and go, but best thing is they leave something precious behind... laughs and cries.. :)

cheers for sharing te rovie! :)

betchai said...

i am so glad for the blogosphere Rovs, for it allow me to find a friendship in you, which like you said, adds joy to our lives. each time I see Bella, so cute, I just feel a spark of happiness, and your dedication to the things that you do and to your love ones serves as special model to your friends near and far.

Dhemz said...

I just loved this post about friendship...real friends never give up if they truly do care...:)

yannie said...

Now that I am away with my friends I realize that there are lots of things that I should have done when I`m with them.

yannie said...

But thanks to our technology at least I can still get in touch with them

Mai said...

very well said, rovs. my bestfriend and i don't see each other often, but we connect through texts and calls and she's always there at the most important events of my life. we won't see each other for years and then, out of the blue, she'd be there and it's like we've seen each other only yesterday. i'm thankful for what technology has given us and thankful for the friends that i met online.

Marie said...

Amazing! :) Real friends can never be replaced.

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