Getting Organized

I finally got our room organized in a way I want it to be. After the hard work, I actually felt good because I have accomplished something good today for me and my husband. Curtains have been changed and cabinets has new arrangement.

Thanks to my cousin Jing, my brother Rollie and my nephew Macky for helping out. My mom was also trying her best to help but she was most of the time preoccupied with our little angel Yoshi.

And speaking of getting organized, a great help from Mareng Claire was really appreciated. She went out of her way to assist me in organizing my blog site. As you can see in my site, it doesn't look like I am a newbie in blogging.

Thanks so much everyone for extending your help. You are all a blessing!

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fallenrhainnes said...

hope i can see your room:) and nice blog too...i hope i could make mine organized too...:)

Rovie said...

sure you can.. kaw pa!!! sige lang one day mag post ako ng pic ng room namin...thanks!

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