I got a surprise visit from one of my friends in my previous work. We seldom meet due to time constraints but I feel elated today because she found time to come and see me at home despite of her busy schedule.

We used to work together in one company, sharing the same goals and dreams; but due to some politics at work, we were transferred to other departments without even giving us any objective and logical reasons. Despite what happened, we are still very thankful for the true friendship we have developed over the years of being together as co- workers.

We had so much fun together even without much talking since we both enjoyed watching the grand finals of PGT. Thank you very much friend for always being there. Whatever happens the bond that this friendship have will never be broken but instead will continue to be strong through time. Thank you for the love, support and friendship. I love you and I pray that the Lord will continue to sustain you and give you your heart's desire.

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Kangaroo said...

siya ba itong naiisip ko?

Rovie said...

sino ba ang iniisip mo ter? ung main character sa show??? hehehe...

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