Taming the Devil


Have you ever tried to overcome the most tempting desire and end up smiling like hearing a silent sermon from within? Have you ever tried to detach yourself from the pleasures of earthly gifts that suddenly you began to open your heart to a deeper meaning of your existence? Have you ever tried to smother your lips with silence from uttering a very sumptuous gossip only to become aware that you have spoken the voiceless words of your true self?


In this materialistic world, fueled by the maddening inventions of man, the soul is slowly becoming reclusive from the inner self. Why do we feel like we are empty although the things that we have been asking for are in our hands? Why do we still feel wanting for more though we have enough? We feel sad in the midst of a crowd and isolated yet we are physically embraced.


When we start peering deep within ourselves all we could see is a vacuum. Slowly growing and sucking all the positive forces that remain dangling in the fiber of our being. It is continuously taking root deep within, crushing the very ground of our existence. Like a huge trunk of a tree, it forms a hollow of nothingness like a space that pulsates with cloudy forms and lifelessness. Such is the working of our ego that is slowly taking over our lives. Like a monster, a child of unmeasurable gluttony that cannot be satiated by any form or means.


We are enslaved or bandaged by the chains of physical excesses that blind us from seeing the truth and beauty of our lives. By merely breathing the air, it is a constant reminder that life should be fully enjoyed. When we think that we are preoccupied in multiplying our material wealth, tired from being overburdened with conformity and social expectations or restless in guarding our possessions, let us always remember that we have the option of breaking free. In the end, we make our own chains and feign our own entrapment.

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Rovie said...

so deep! thanks julz for sharing your thoughts...

Verna Luga said...

So true, but often, we disregard such wisdom because of so much to think about... thanks for sharing.

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dee said...

Great post article Roviebren!

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