Video-oke Bonding

It is a sunny Thursday afternoon when Mareng Claire invited us to have a video-oke session at their house. So after munching the afternoon snacks my mother has prepared for us, we are all set to go...

So we went there together with my mama, our baby Yoshi and cousin Jing. It was actually our first time to have such activity together but we really enjoyed it. I even called my husband to come home earlier to join us especially that Uncle Jessie needs a guy companion.

We sung songs of different genre from yesterdays and todays hits. Mareng Claire has an impressive voice and so was Bren. Our session ended at exactly 10PM. It was such a blessing to have these guys around wherein you can enjoy small little things together without any pressure at all. Thank you Lord for the blessing of true friendship.

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Silvergirl said...

I love to see those family who enjoy together and having some fun!! This is the moment that everyone will cherish and look back :)
Following you in google friend connect :)

My Firm Foundation said...

HELLO SIS, you're all having fun last night even though i'm not around but i can hear all your voices from our room.. we're just a wall apart lang baya from our friendly neighborhood mareng claire..

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