Yoshi's 1st Haircut

Yesterday was a very memorable day since everybody in the house were so excited after seeing Yoshi's new haircut. He is our 6-month old baby boy. It is a common belief that the baby's first haircut should be done after its first birthday (we don't know if there's a scientific explanation on this but his Tito Bren said that it will make his hair wavy/curly while others said it can cause fever); but since Yoshi's hair is growing so fast which most of the time caused him irritation, his parents decided to cut his hair short.

His Ninang Claire suggested that he should have his first haircut in the mall wherein they can choose styles and babies will be taken pictures after the haircut. Due to time constraints, his parents decided to have his first commercial haircut after his first birthday but for now we will be utilizing the talent of our in-house hairdresser, and guess who is it???? none other than Mommy Nene!

The result was indeed good since Yoshi looked very refreshed and it made him look like a man. Thanks so much Mommy Nene.

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Josie said...

sometimes it's funny when you hear old age beliefs.. anyway if you just want to dance with the music and see nothing wrong with it,then it's okay.. :)

Rovie said...

tama po kayo.. thanks so much for dropping by... God bless!

Nancy Janiola said...

hi roviebren, im new here in your blog. just thought of wandering around to find new friends. would you care for a link exchange?

Rovie said...

hello admin.. yeah sure.. i would greatly appreciate it since i'm also new in blogging... thanks so much for dropping by...

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