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I believe that I do not have the talent in writing though I've been told by several friends and relatives that it was actually the opposite. I have been exposed to corporate world for almost 10 years and I only write formal letters, proposals, and other work-related memorandums. I have been out of work since the month of April 2010, it is not because I chose to (though i actually like the idea of staying at home) but because of some people playing politics inside the organization. I couldn't elaborate details for now since legal proceedings is still on going.

I have learned a lot from what happened and I was actually thankful that I am no longer part of that company which only means that I don't need to deal with those pretentious people everyday. And because I am staying at home full-time due to my pregnancy, I found a second home... on the net! I have discovered online paying sites but what I enjoyed most is my online journey as a blogger.

I am actually a private person and I don't want to discuss personal things with people who are not close to me or to those people I only met online but as I walk through with my online life doing blog hopping and reading posts from fellow bloggers everyday, I was so overwhelmed by their generosity and openness. Generosity in sharing their life, emotions, plans,dreams, secrets and all other things they can share and that's when I started to realize that blogging online is such a blessing in so many ways.

Blessing I can say for a lot of reasons but among all those reasons, what I love and enjoy most is meeting and knowing interesting people around the globe. With this, I would like to thank everyone especially those who made frequents visits on my site, those who exchange links with me, those who made comments and leave messages, those who are following me and most of all those who did not judge me and accepted me for who I am.

I intend to keep this blog site for long and hopefully earn something out of this. Thank you Mareng Claire for the encouragement and for the assistance in setting up my blog site. My day is not complete without sitting in front of the computer reading posts and visiting sites. I still have a lot to learn when it comes to the technicalities of blogging (don't even have my badge yet)but I don't worry much for I know I have you guys around. Thank you everyone for sharing part of yourself to me. 

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fallenrhainnes said...

..girl, nice blog..and you've quitted job pala.. ^^

Nanaybelen said...

your blog is very nice. I wish i can make post as you doing. keep it up..

Jevannel said...

Keep Blogging! you are a writer..

Happy Blogging!


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