It's a Girl !

I have been quite busy this past few days tending to some important things. I have started my review on IELTS because I am planning to take an exam next month. My online life has been somehow set aside. I miss blogging and adgitizing. I miss you guys!

I'm back because I wanted to share to you the good news. We are having a baby girl! We went for ultrasound with my husband yesterday and it's confirmed; it's a baby girl! She is 445g as of yesterday and have a good fetal cardiac activity at 144 BPM. She has a very active fetal movements and breathing at 21 weeks and 5 days to be exact.

We are so thankful for this blessing bestowed on us. We are so happy and excited to see and hold our little angel this coming December. Thanks be to God!

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Josie said...

congrats Rovie and hubby for you coming baby angel..

Nancy Janiola said...

wow,that's good news! congratulations and stay safe!

Rovie said...

thank you ms. josie and admin...

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