Friend's Reunion

My friend Aye has arrived from Cagayan de Oro just tonight and she will be staying with us for one week. I am so excited with the idea of bonding with her. We have been to Kir and Belner's house a while ago to check on Kir's condition since we are expecting her to deliver Baby Katahum anytime this month.

Most of us are not connected to any company or any full time job right now but we are using our time productively. Aye is busy with her online job which pay her enough, Rexie is kinda busy with another online job while currently looking for another day time opportunity and of course me, which is enjoying my pregnancy while exploring a lot of home-based work.

Being out of work has gave all of us a lot of realizations. Aye even told me that she has widen her horizons and somehow enjoyed her current state which I also believe was true for I experienced it myself. I have encountered a lot of opportunities and even explored a lot of new things.

Whatever our current situation is; one thing is for sure... we will still be friends till the end no matter what. We all believe that right opportunity will come in its own time. But for now, we will enjoy our time together without pressure on time. I'm so excited to see Rexie,Cedric,Guada and the rest of our MBA Buddies since we haven't seen each other for quite sometime now.

I'm so looking forward to seeing my MBA Buddies tomorrow.It is going to be a day of fun, laughter and excitement since the Jewel sisters and friends will be reunited.

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dee said...

such sweet reunion betweenu n ur friend Rovie.. I believe u enjoy the momments! Have a nice day

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