A Tearful Reunion

We have been friends for almost 15 years now. We've been in the same college and have kept our frienship even after graduation. She is one of the friend I considered most unique. She is also one of the most misunderstood person I've ever known but we are friends and we love each other dearly.

After quite sometime of not hearing from each other, I received a text message two days ago saying that she will be here in Davao to settle some personal issues. She even asked me to stay in the hotel with her because she has a problem and she really needed me. Without asking my husband's permission, I didn't think twice but immediately assured her that I will be there with here. I was also blessed that my husband allowed me to stay with her overnight after letting him know of the situation.

My beloved friend is undergoing something painful right now. My heart was broken seeing here in that condition but I needed to be strong for her. She immediately broke down into tears upon seeing me. I just listened to her pour out her feelings and I occasionally assure her that everything has a reason and a purpose. I know this time she may not see God's guidance and direction but eventually in time she will discern God's message for her.

It was a long night for me seeing her cry every now and then. I can truly relate to what she is feeling because I've been there once. I don't like seeing her so helpless with the situation she is in but we both can't do anything about it. I know and I believe that time will heal the wounds. But for now, I advise her to enjoy the experience even if it's hard and I even jokingly said that it's good that it happened to her for her to exercise her tear gland and even feel what her ex's felt when she broke up with them.

As we parted from our painful and tearful reunion, I volunteered to pray for her and as I pray, I can feel that the spirit of God is with us embracing us and assuring us of His great love. We parted with tears in our eyes but with hope that when we will see each other in the future, it's going to be a happy and fruitful reunion.

With what I saw with my friend, I can't help but feel blessed and thankful for giving me a loving and understanding husband. I thank the Lord for all the gifts and blessings bestowed on us. Despite the challenges that occasionally come our way, we are still facing it together as one family with hope and great faith believing that everything is temporary and God's desire for us is to give us a great and bright future ahead.

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