Working on my Budget

It's been sometime since I lost track on our expenses at home. I am a full time homemaker now so I am actually thinking of working on our house budget especially now that I am about to give birth to our baby girl in the next three months.

You might wonder why this budgeting stuff hit me all of a sudden; it is because I am actually inspired by the thought that hubby will be bringing home enough money for all our needs starting next pay day. He was officially promoted and of course there was an adjustment on his earnings. I have already finished the list of the things we have to prioritize every payday.

Just to share it with you, here is the breakdown of the budget I made which was also approved by my hubby:

Tithes - 10%
Savings - 25%
Food - 20%
Utilities - 7%
Allowance - 15%
Gas - 15%
Misc. - 8%

I hope we can really work this thing out very seriously. Good luck and more prayers for me as I start my journey as a full time homemaker.

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mrapada said...

Hi, I'm sure you can make the budget work for you, you're a frugal and smart mom. Also, since you tithe, it puts a security on your finances from a heavenly perspective, so I'm sure you won't lack anything. As the Bible had said; Psalm 37:25 I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread.

Have a wonderful day Ria! ^^x

Rovie said...

thanks for the comment and the added thought... God bless you!

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