Pancit for Bella

Today is a very important day for me because my little girl is already 5 months old. I just can't believe how time flies for I can still recall that a year ago at exactly this day, I received a not so good news regarding my status at work which made me decide to fight for my right. Week after, our PT told us that we will be having a baby.

Gone are the difficult but happy pregnancy days for now I am savouring the "fruit of my labor" and that's to be with our baby every single day. It has been a family practice to prepare pancit during birthdays because it is believed to symbolize long life. I started doing this since Bella was one month old and I have been doing it ever since.

Today, mommy's pancit is extraordinarily delicious because it is shared with family and friends who is with us today for a vacation. Borit is also celebrating his 7-month old birthday today. Dinner was very exciting because it is a celebration of life of our little Bella.

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