It came to everyone in its own time. No one can tell when, where and how it will strike but it will eventually come. There are people who look forward to its coming but a lot dreaded it. Death more than anything causes pain and sorrow to those who are left behind but one can always look on the positive side of death. Life in this world should end for us to join our Creator in heaven.

Just recently, a former officemate lost her husband to a brain tumor. He left her at the age of 39. They knew about the condition just last March 2011 and despite their attempt to save him by undergoing several tests and a brain operation, God took him away last April 19. It was so sudden that my officemate didn't have much time to prepare herself for the death of her husband and the life without him.

Listening to her share their stories made me appreciate life all the more knowing that it is precious and short. She even told me that she realized that you should always tell your loved ones how much you love them before it is all too late. Time is precious as life and it is not always on our side.

We should live our lives meaningfully. It maybe short but we can proudly say that it is a life worth living and lived with a purpose and according to God's plan.

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