Birthday Wishes

After more than a year of exposure in the blogging world I have come to realize that time spent blogging, blogwalking, adgitizing and meeting online friends are all worth it. With that,  I would like to thank a very dear friend Mareng Claire who encouraged me to do it. She was actually the very first person who believes that I can write. 

@ KD's baptism... A pose with his pretty mom and ninangs.. (picture borrowed from Claire)
As she celebrates her birthday today , I would like to greet her with much joy and love and wish her a more blessed year with Tommy and KD. Thank you very much for  being such a dear friend and for always being there in good and bad times... Happy Birthday and may you have good health and more wealth for the  years to come;)

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Unknown said...

You are lucky to have good friends, a friend in need is hard to find. Happy Bday to your friend.

Have a great weekend ahead my dear.Take care.


fallenrhainnes said...

of course you can are the editor in our highschool "Ang gulod" if im not mistaken... =)

november rain said...

hi there
i really like your page. i'm new in the blogging industry...congratulations.!!!

Rovie said...

UMI: Thanks for visiting and happy weekend too...

FLONG: You are mistaken my dear... I am not the Editor In-Chief only Science Editor...and thanks for believing!

NOVEMBER RAIN: Welcome to the Blogging World and thanks for stopping by...

Crib said...

hi Rovie!can't believe that we could actually have friends through blogs. :-) i'm happy to have known moms like me that stay at home and look after their children.

Rovie said...

CRIB: It is actually the best career any mother can ever have... Staying at home and be a full time mom.. Thanks for dropping by...

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