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Blogging really gives me new strength and inspiration everyday. It is what keeps my mind active. It brings me to the different parts of the world without leaving the comforts of my own home. It also connects me to the world   that I have never been to. 

I was actually thinking of exploring more of  the blogging world by creating a new  blog site dedicated to my bundle of joy. I am so much inspired by  Bella's daily progress and I want to put it in writing for her to read on someday. It is also an avenue for her to know me better as a mom and also a place for her to look back when she is already of age.

Bella's latest picture taken last 07/11/11

Can anybody give a good suggestion on what would be the best name for the new site? The site will be talking more about Bella... her daily activities, her friends, her stuff and other stuff about babies... Your suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Unknown said...

she's cute! how old na siya?
i suggest... MY BELLA

Rovie said...

thanks for the compliment and suggestion... she is 8 months and 2 weeks old now.

fallenrhainnes said...

growing up !!

Rovie said...

bella gwapa... title pwde siguro "anything about babies" tita...

kulasa said...

hi there sis, gee you totally rock the blogging world! and this is a post Bella would love love love to browse years from now...and the site exclusively for her...blogging makes me meet awesome friends like you and that is I guess one of the best things I get from it, mwah!

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