First Taste of Solid Food

Every mother wants the best for her baby especially when it comes to their health. As a fulltime mom, I made sure that I gave my little girl what's best for her that is why I am breastfeeding her until now. I couldn't believe that she has grown so big  now and I was so amazed thinking that for the first six months of  her life she was dependent on me for her food  and I  thank God that I have enough milk for her needs. It is actually a big achievement on my part breastfeeding her up to now and I know it is worth the  sacrifice.

I  can still remember  how excited I was when she turned six months old because it is the right time for her to have her first taste of solid food. I woke up early that morning to prepare  for my baby's "special day". Armed with her BPA Free Spoon and Bowl ( a baptismal gift from Ninang Guada), I prepared Bella's first ever solid food.Though I preferred to feed her with fresh fruits and veggies I still decided to give her cerelac for a start. She obviously enjoyed her food and I am so thankful that she consumed all of it without delay.

That actually was the first and I think would be the last time Bella would eat food like cerelac because when I gave her again the next day she already refused it. She preferred biscuits, breads and vegetables like potato and squash. As of the moment, Bella occasionally eat  vegetables with little rice. It is such a joy seeing her grow everyday.

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ilean said...

go go bella:-* u baby namo, xoxo...ninang gigi

Rovie said...

thanks ninang gigi... love you too...

Rovie said...

thanks ms. faye...

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