Grab a Crab Birthday Treat

As a full time homemaker I seldom go out to party with my  friends. Since my hands are full with little Bella , most of the time I just go out when necessary. I  just went to the mall to shop for Bella's needs like milk, diaper, toys and some stuff for her. I usually don't  even bother to buy a decent something for myself   but it is fine with me because I am already contented knowing that my Bella have the best of everything.

Just a few days ago,  I received a text message from one of my MBA friends inviting me to attend a  birthday dinner at Grab A Crab restaurant in Abreeza Mall. It will be  Alex's birthday treat for all  of his MBA friends. I was undecided at first because the place is far from ours and I don't want to leave Bella at home but I eventually join them after thinking that this event could somehow be a space for me and an opportunity to meet the friends I seldom see.

 a pose  with  their menu
It was my first time going to Abreeza Mall and it was even made unforgettable with this celebration. I really enjoyed the night with my MBA buddies.  The food was delightful  and  we burped our heart out with the specialty of the the house. Crabs and more crabs... it was even made exciting with their unusually big serving of fruit shakes and I really enjoyed my  tasteful durian shake.

my MBA buddies

It was a night well spent and I am so glad I went there. It was a break from my daily routine at home and it made me feel good. Thank you Alex for the birthday treat and I am looking forward for more of this in the future.

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fallenrhainnes said...

tama, paminsan minsan din nakiki jam... hehe

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