Hopefully It's Home

One of human's basic necessity is to have a home or a shelter. I believe that  every family deserves to have a place called home. For me, a home is a place wherein you can live comfortably and peacefully with your loved ones. Being at home in one's place   doesn't measure time or distance but being around the people you love and who loves you back.

 As of the writing of this post, one family I love the most is currently  on their way to a place they  will  hopefully call home. They are the Reposar's... My sister's family. Together with our own families, we actually lived in the same roof for almost a year before they decided to rent a place of their own in an area near us. Even though they are living separately, we are still seeing each other everyday of our lives. We share lunches and dinners practically  everyday. That set up is going on for almost a year until  my sister and my brother-in-law decided to go home to Cagayan de Oro; an 8-hour bus ride from our place...

 The decision came as a  surprise to all of us. My mother was even so emotional about it because she will definitely miss her darling grandson, Yoshirou. She was a hands-on grandma to him... bathing him, looking after him, putting him to sleep and even doing unusual things just to make Yoshi  happy and comfortable and even laugh his heart out. My father was just taking it calmly but I know deep inside him he was saddened by the decision. I don't know how  and what to react but Bren and I are supportive about it. This family is actually moving to and fro  Davao and Cagayan  several  times for the last 3 years. I even joke around my sister telling her to  blog about the "art of moving from one house to another or either moving from place to place" because I am very sure  she can give a lot of  helpful tips.;)

Everybody in the house seems so lonely. We had our early dinner tonight and everyone seems so quite. Is this what they call "separation anxiety'? We will eventually  get over it and move on with our daily lives. I will be missing a lot of things about them especially with my sister. My one greatest regret is not continuing with our driving lessons. Now I can't drive by myself and I don't have anybody to turn to if I'll be needing a driver...tsk..tsk.. I was actually thinking of enrolling into a driving school before this month ends. Life goes on, you know...

Yoshi riding  Kuya's bicycle for the last time
I hope and pray that they will finally find their place. A place they can call home. A place where they will raise Yoshi to be a person God wants him to be.  A place they can call their own. A place where they can  find security and live happily and peacefully. Hopefully it's home...

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My Firm Foundation said...

thanks sis..we will be missing you...cdo and davao is just 30-minutes plane away..

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