Mangga at Bagoong (Mango and Shrimp Paste)

A mango tree is already standing in the lawn when we acquired the house. Our neighbor said that it has been there for almost 2 decades. We have been in this house for almost two years now and that mango tree has been very generous to us. We really enjoyed  its  blessing . My parents has gathered  enough quantity this season though some has defects due to heavy rain.

My parents are kind enough to give some to our neighbors since we cannot consume it by ourselves. There are still more left and they  are planning to sell it out in the nearby market. Even though I am not pregnant , I can't stand but crave and salivate thinking of mangga and bagoong...Yum..Yum... I just felt the craving and I am giving in.

Mangga and Bagoong for me is the best pair ever. Bagoong is more  appetizing if mixed  with vinegar and hot  chili.  Oh, so yummy... So mouth - watering ! 

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fallenrhainnes said...

mahilig ka ngayon sa food ah.. hehehe, ok yan sabayan ng work out and sweat.. it would be great!!

Unknown said...

whoa...mangga ang bagoong! natakam naman ako dito sa post mo hahaha! favorite ko yan...pahenge!

Mharms said...

awww..makes me drool :)Mango is my favorite. Btw, I followed u too.

Crib said...

O my gosh! I am also drooling. Thanks Rovie for visiting my blog. Really appreciate it. Now, I have to send sms to ask my husband to buy mango for me. hahaha!

w0rkingAth0mE said...

My favorite mangga with bagoong .. makes me drool also can i have some :)

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