Prayer Before Work

Work is a gift from God. He actually commands us to work for us to provide for our earthly needs.  He wanted us to be successful in our craft because it is part of His plans for us. He wanted us to share our talents and abilities because by doing so we are partaking on His plans to be co-creators here on earth. But there are times that we failed to acknowledge that having work is just one aspect of our being human and it should not be the center of our life. It should be God because everything belongs to Him.

A lot of working people I know do not have much time to say a prayer before they go to work or before they will start their day at work. I used to be guilty of it. Sometimes due to our busy mind and busy schedules we forgot to even say hi or good morning to our Maker. We didn't intentionally want it but we are at  times complacent about that certain duty. Maybe we forgot that everything comes from Him and He could take back everything we have in just a blink of an eye and we do not want that to happen.
I would like to share with you this simple prayer I found at my husband's cellular phone.  I do not know if he was the one who made this or he just saw it from somewhere else and  took picture of it. I hope  you can find time to read  and reflect on this before starting your day.

I pray that this simple prayer will somehow help us reunite with our Maker on a daily basis. Have a blessed working day!

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