Sunday Meal : Patotin (Stewed Duck)

We are so looking forward to Sundays. It is a special day for the family because it is the time where everybody is around  to take some rest from the week's work  and share  sumptuous meal prepared by our very dear parents. Mama and Papa always exert extra effort to cook delectable food every Sunday. Sunday is also a time where we do bible sharing. Our family actually has different religious beliefs.

My sister and her family is a born again Christian, my mother attends mass at  UCCP and my husband and I together with my father and brother are Catholics but these differences is not a big issue for us. We all agree that what ever religion we belong,  we all serve the same God and that is Jesus Christ. We are all affirmative that for a family to have peace and unity, Christ must be the center of it. I do miss our bible sharing  sessions because our facilitator has now transferred to Cagayan de Oro.

This Sunday though we are not complete,  it  is still very special for us because Papa prepared his specialty the "Patotin" or Stewed Duck (from my uncle's farm 4 hours away from  our place). He usually cook it whole but he made an exemption today due to our request to chop it into small parts. The family shared a very  mouth-watering lunch today made even enjoyable with  bottomless RC Cola.

cooked in firewood - truly a labor of love

My father believed that food cooked in firewood tastes better compared with those that are cooked in gas ranges. So there it goes!

finished product -  spicy patotin

Since it is a special day for the family Papa served it with extra effort on the food's presentation. The Patotin is a bit  spicy that when you eat much you will feel  your mouth burning but you will still want for more.

best served with rice and more rice

Spicy Patotin is best served with rice anytime of the day. I actually ate it  again as my afternoon  merienda. It is also best as "pulutan" or a  partner of  ice cold beer or rhum.

I really enjoyed Sundays and so looking forward to it every week. It is the Lord's day and also our family day. Praying for more Sundays like this one.


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Unknown said...

i haven't heard patotin...
looks yummy!!!
and i like spicy food

Raine said...

Wow what a very nice sunday tradition you practice and another wow for a yummy meal! :D

Unknown said...

never tried patotin hehe..but looks yummy...thanks for the visit sis.

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

My dad always cooks Bulalo in firewood kaya the smell of it gives me good memories when I was young.

Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week

fallenrhainnes said...

nice meal roves..., i remember highschool days when we lunch together at your carinderia sa pantalan...sarap ng food.. =))

Rovie said...

yes.. i miss those days... ma and pa still cook delicious food for us here at home... walang kupas ang sarap nilang magluto...

Lisa said...

Oy, masarap yan! Lami jud na kaayo :)

Thank you Rov for dropping by my blog and sharing your thoughts with am rice. Grabe! parang pini-pressured akong paka-inin si baby :(.

Guess, I'll make lugaw na lang at ako ang kakainin. wag muna si baby :D

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Anonymous said...

It looks great! Here in Manila we only get to eat duck when we go to Chinese restaurants. Sarap!

I hope you can visit my entry for this week's FTF :)

Much ♥,
Sassy Chef Recipes and Reviews

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