An Unconventional Afternoon Merienda

 Food  for merienda are usually light. Mostly it is consists of a piece of bread or a stick of banana cue or a slice of cake paired with juice, soda or water. Today, hubby  and I shared a very unconventional afternoon merienda. It was actually our first time eating food  like that as  merienda. Hubby took a half day leave from work due to  the condition of his left eye. I was actually glad that he went home early for him to take some rest because he  has been working almost everyday for the last six months.

breakfast in the afternoon
Eating good food is one of his weaknesses. He actually eats more than five times a day which sometimes made me complain on his budget for canteen. Since he went home from work earlier today, it is expected that he will be asking for food as merienda for that afternoon and I am actually not prepared for it. To my surprise, instead of asking his fave burger or bread with filling he asked me to prepare some egg omelet,  fried dried fish with spicy vinegar and rice which I prepared without delay.

 We happily shared an afternoon merienda which we rarely do. We  both had a big burp after drinking our fave Cola.   Hubby really had a good rest after eating  And I as a wife was even so happy thinking that he was satisfied with what I have prepared for him.

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