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Blogging has somehow become a way of life for me, well at least for the past few weeks. In one of my posts I have mentioned that I will be creating a new blog site for my little girl. I actually work on it earlier today but I got confused along the way.  

Dashboards and Page Elements of the old and new blogs are somewhat different. There is a feature in the new dashboard about creating a new blog and when I tried it I actually did not understand how it works. The new blog is  going to be a sub domain of the original blog. Huh! I am confused... I committed mistakes in creating a new site for Bella and it leads to me to go back from square one which means I need to make another email add to register for a new blog... I am obviously  very confused.

Anyway, persistent as I always be,  I actually did not go to bed until I created a new blog site for Bella. The new site is entitled "Anything About Bella".  The site is still "under construction" as of the posting of this blog  since it will consume huge amount of  time  to  put everything in place. Please support me and my little girl in this endeavor. And with that new dashboard thing?? I will surely figure it out in no time. Thanks in advance for following.

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fallenrhainnes said...

congrats, me bago na naman din akong aabangan.. ako i have now 3 blogs.. pasingi singit lang ang pag construct ko sa tatlo... its taxing pala ...haha, anyway.. enjoy.. hehe

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