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I have already spent hours since yesterday figuring things out with the pages in my blog. The pages are originally on the top tabs but yesterday when I opened my blog I was so surprise to see that the pages are already in the sidebar! Does it really happen with blogger? I mean I did not touch anything. How can that be possible?

Given the situation, I immediately checked on the dashboard and edit the settings of the pages from side links to top tabs but to my dismay when I clicked the  "save arrangement" button,  the top tabs portion will just return to side links. I am not comfortable putting the pages on the side bar because it will just congest on the upper left portion. And I don't think it will look okay.

When I opted to click on the "don't show" part of the  pages and tried saving  it,   same  thing happened. It automatically changes from "don't show" to "side links". I've already researched this but when I tried the suggestions, it's still not working properly. I have  already sent feedback to Google. I'm just so confuse and desperate to have my pages back on the top tabs. 

Has anyone of you  here  came across the same problem? Can somebody give advise on what should be done with this? Please help! Sorry if I may sound hopeless I just can't help it. Any suggestion will be appreciated.

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fallenrainnes said...

baka na hack ka girl..get secured

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