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I am very grateful that the page rank of this blog has improved from 0 to 1. Although this blog was created  last year,  I only started blogging actively for more than just  a month. I  actually do not understand what PR really means to a site or to a blog because when I searched Mr. Google, he gave me a complicated equation and explanation regarding Page Ranking.Ha,ha,ha!

I want to do away from complications and whatever equations right now. Whatever PR means to this blog, I am just so thankful to all of you guys who never cease  to check out  my site. I hope that  through reading my posts,  I could share something  helpful and informative. 

I will do my best to update this blog as much as I  could. Although I don't understand the importance of PR,  I am very grateful for its improvement. A million thanks from the bottom of my heart.

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Unknown said...

Cograts , your blog is PR1!

According to what I have read, PR is a metric use to measure how important a web page is…our blog is.

PR is determined by many other web pages are linking to you and how much value it add to your blog. I think PR is very important because it builds reputation, when your blog is shown in Google search it establish authority it just means you have quality content, and lastly the higher your PR the closer your blog is on Google search and it means a lot more traffic you will receive.

I strive to have higher PR, by linking to other blogs and write quality content, kaya nga I am so happy na PR1 na ang blog ko after 2 months.

I spend 2-3 hours every morning to do these…kinaka-career ko na ang blogging hahaha!

Thanks for your visits…you really contribute for securing a PR1 for my blog.

Rovie said...

Salamat din reese for taking time to read and post comments on my blog... Really appreciate it...

Plano ko na nga din i-career to eh... hehehehe... Congrats din sa PR1 mo...

Unknown said...

Hi Rovie, PR means moolah if you want to monetize your blog. He he. so keep on updating your blogs. Imo diay japon tong Anything About Bella? hehe

TY sa visit.

Anonymous said...

Opo Mommy Kat... Bella is my baby and thought of putting up an online diary for her to read someday... please follow and support... thanks po!

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