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At long last, I'm finally done organizing the bloggers link in my pages. I really would want to put the links in my side bar which is more visible to visitors but with the widgets all around, it already looks crowded. It took me a little  while to organize it and put everything in place since I am also in the process of arranging some stuff on the new site for Bella.

Another thing is... I will also be taking over as the new admin of my nephew's blog since he will be more busy with school and the basketball varsity thing. The blog will still be sharing the story of a father (my brother who is now working overseas)  and his son (who is now living with us) but from an aunt's point of view. This blog also aims to connect both of them but most especially for my brother to keep tract on his son's activities while he is away.

Organizing and checking on the site's links has somehow gave me a new outlook in blogging since I had an opportunity to visit all of  my links. I felt sad that some of the blogs are already non-existent but  there are still reasons to feel good because new links were also added.   To all those who would want to exchange link with me please don't hesitate to leave your  comment on my posts or leave messages in my cbox  so I can add you in my list. 

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Unknown said...

thanks for putting my blog on your list

Rovie said...

ur welcome reese... thanks also for always dropping by...

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