Repair or Replace Car Windshield

It has been two weeks now since the car was left  in the garage. My husband did not want to use it because of its cracked  windshield. The cracked windshield was  noticed when Mama was cleaning the car some two weeks ago. We could not figure out what  caused it until we realized that it was parked uncovered under our very own mango tree. The windshield was hardly hit by a falling mango fruit.

We are currently waiting for the quotation whether to repair or replaced it. Car windshields are usually expensive but we could not just opt to have it repaired for safety reasons. Prices for car windshield like ours  ranges from 6,000.00 pesos to 8,000 pesos excluding labor and  miscellaneous fees and that amount is huge considering that it is not part of our regular expenses.

The windshield is an important part of any vehicle and  we are planning to have it repaired as  soon as the Mechanic and materials are available. It is another big slash on my budget but since the car is a necessity on my husband's work, replacing the car windshield has  become a priority.

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KCT said...

KITTTTT!!! agoy palangga jud kaau si KITT oi! mingaw na nuon ko sakay sakay kay kit dah!

Rovie said...

palangga jud intawon si KITT kay unsaon na lang ang sentimental value...hehehe

fallenrhainnes said...

new car na lang..hehe joke

Rovie said...

sana nga may new car but we couldn't just give up kitt... hehehe... it already part of bella's history...

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