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I don't consider myself religious but I am a believer of Christ. Since my pregnancy I seldom go to church to attend Sunday mass but I somehow compensate it with reading bible passages or watching Sunday TV Mass on Studio 23. But today is different, I woke up early thinking of going to church with Bella. While I was preparing for church, I saw that   Bella is already  sleepy  so I decided to leave her with my mother at home and went to church with my cousin.

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Today's gospel is from Matthew Chapter 14:25-32. It didn't memorize the exact verses  from the bible but I understand that it talks about faith. Though Christian but human as we are, our faith sometimes falter just like Peter on the Gospel but Jesus is always there to save us reminding us to take courage and not be afraid. 

I thank God for giving me  the strength and courage to attend mass today.  I felt blessed. Thanks be to God. 

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Josie said...

Hi Rovie, thanks for always stopping by, Happy Sunday.. :) nakakatuwa namn name ng Tuna eggs sa inyo, pero true tlaga love ko fish eggs kahit galunggong eggs.. :D

Josie's Kitchen

Rovie said...

pareho lang po tau ms. josie, i also love fish eggs especially ung malalaki..:)

Louisette said...

Have a nice new week

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