Tips for a Happy Marriage

I just would like to share to all the married couples  the message from the scroll given to us  as a  gift on the first  Christmas  that Bren and I were married way back in 2008. It is entitled "10 Sterling Tips for a Happy Marriage". I couldn't get a good shot at it so I would  enumerate it here...

  1. Love each other. Say "I love you" often and in different ways. Surprise each other with gifts of praise to show your love. Remember that love grows in an atmosphere of freedom and trust, not from restraint and obligation. Do things to keep your love and romance new and alive. Don't take love for granted,ever. 
  2. Listen objectively to each other as you would to a friend. Give each other the right to disagree. You don't want anyone to control your feelings, so don't try to own the feelings of the one you love.
  3. Never stop treating each other like sweethearts. Always do things to make the other one feel loved. Share the chores around the house. Work together in achieving your goals.
  4. Take care of each other. Put the other one first, but don't neglect your own needs either. Do the things that show interest in your partner's needs, desires and problems.
  5. Look to each other for help. Don't let your problems or concerns get out of hand and make you go opposite directions. You're in this life together. Be thankful.
  6. Talk about things together the way you would talk to friend. Absolutely refuse to say anything negative about your partner. Share your most important secrets, and never betray the secrets of your partner. Don't ever give upon your love.
  7. Settle the fact that you've made your choice and you're no longer looking for anyone else. Don't flirt. Think of the consequences. Don't consider it.
  8. Be in agreement about how your money is spent. Talk about how to manage your finances.
  9. When in doubt, ask yourself how you would want to be treated and then act accordingly. If you've argued, never go to sleep without a resolution.
  10. Add humor into your daily life. Have fun!

Marriage is  a long and winding journey. It takes a lot of  love, commitment, hard work, perseverance, endurance and a lot more virtues to make the marriage work. I personally believe in the messages written in the scroll that's why I still keep it with me. To keep us reminded, Bren and I read it together once  in while.

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fallenrhainnes said...

nice scroll..stay happily married..mwah!!

Unknown said...

Hi Rovie
They are good tips indeed.May you both stay in love for eternity.

Kisses for Bella.

Yen said...

Hmm, I'll keep this tips so when I settle down I will be reminded. haha.

ilean said...

Hi sissy,

a good scroll thoughts to keep:-) Marriage is falling in-love many times, always with the same person (husband/wife) :-)

Aye :-)

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