Pampering Hurts

I have been offline for a few days after getting my pedicure last Sunday. I am actually not a fashion nor a beauty  geek but I see to it that I'll get the necessary pampering every once in a while. You know, women... It has been quite sometime since my last visit to a salon. I used to frequent the nearest one when I was still working but it changes when I was out of job  and forced to stay home when I got pregnant.

this isn't mine... this belongs to the customer before me

Since pregnancy, my salon visits were only limited to nail cares and haircuts but most of the time nail cleaning is done by a manicurist living in the neighborhood. I have a free time last Sunday afternoon so I decided to get a pedicure. I finished late because I was the last customer for the day. This lady manicurist have been taking care of  my nails for  the last   two years  and I am also  comfortable with the way she does my nails. I can somehow say  that her work is most of the time very satisfactory.

I thought the pedicure was just fine but later that night, I can feel that my left index toe is hurting and when I checked, I can see that  it started to moist. As practiced, I immediately put a little powdered alum (tawas) but it did not get better unlike before. The next morning, it got worst and I can almost feel the  pain in my whole left feet. I tried boiling guava leaves and soaked my feet but still, it  doesn't get any better. I think the pus started to develop and the pain is already progressing to the point that I am having difficulty lifting my left leg and couldn't even manage to walk.  I decided to take a pain reliever.

and here's mine... soaked in lukewarm water with alum

The next day, I called the manicurist  informing her what happened  and I was  told  to go to their house. My  left index toe  was already swollen by then. It was pricked to let the pus out and then  soaked  in lukewarm water  with tawas powder for a few minutes. When the pus have surface, the nail polish was removed and then she started to remove the remaining ingrown and  nail that  caused the swelling and put some  medicine (tetracycline) on the affected part. I'm almost into tears when she did it. It's so painful, super painful.

I then requested her to change the color of my nail polish as a consolation and of course it was free of charge. So far, this is the worst thing that I have experience when it comes to beauty and pampering. That is why I can say that pampering hurts at times. If I only knew that I would be hurt like this, I would have never ever introduced myself to this  from the very beginning. 

And now, I think it is too late to back off because if I do,  I would only be exposing myself to more of this in the future. Arrggghh...I don't want another one. The pain is so unbearable. And as of this post, I am still mending, hopefully this will be healed soon as I was advise to get a pedicure every two weeks to avoid this from happening again. Is this what they call "tiis ganda"?

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Unknown said...

yay... ang sakit nyan!

Rovie said...

sobra reese! hanggang ngayon eh maga pa... sabi ko nga kung noon to nangyari nung bago pa ako nagpapa pedicure baka habambuhay bahala na walang linis ang kuko... hehehe

KM said...

oh my gosh, that must hurt a lot. sabi nga nila ang sakit ng kalingkingan ay dama ng buong katawan *ouch* hope you feel better soon :)

Sarah A. Galang, Ph.D. said...

I had the same experience and it hurts...

His Unfailing Love

KM said...

hey rovie ! how are you ? i left you an award in my blog :) grab it my dear and pass it around. thanks !

Wilma said...

Ouch! I've never had a pedicure but I've had lots of ingrown toenails. They HURT!! I hope you're feeling better now.

Rovie said...

I actually went to see a doctor. I was given antibiotics. I'll blog about it later... Thanks Wilma.

Wilma said...

That can't be good! I hope the antibiotics are helping it to heal.

Dhemz said...

miss ko tuloy ang mani and pedi sa pinas...mahal kasi dito sa tate..weeeeee...kaya sariling sikap nalang!

kala ko paa mo yan...ehehhe...danda nang kulay infairness!

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