Thank You!

I would like to thank my loyal blogging friends for always visiting here and taking  time to read and give comments on my posts. My Top 10  Commentators for the Month of August are:

  1. Reese - My Random Thoughts
  2. Fallenrhainnes - Take the Lead,  Take your Journey
  3. Gigi - Gigi'Talks
  4. Raine - My Happy Beginnings
  5. Mommy Kat - Mom's Place
  6. Crib - My Thoughts for the Day
  7. Umi - Umidishes
  8. Fallenrainnes - A Little of the Extraordinary
  9. Krizza - Home Sweet Home
  10. Sakaya - ( sorry, couldn't find the link too)

Thank you again for keeping me inspired. God bless all of you and keep on blogging!

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krizza said...

You're always welcome! :)

Unknown said...

Hi Rovie, it's my first time here in your blog, but ive been to your baby blog

Thanks for the comment and visiting my blog.

I am always welcome for exlinks, let me know the blogs you want to exlink with and I'll added to my list so it would be easy to visit back, take care

Unknown said...

hahaha! talaga lang commentator ako!
thanks also for commenting on my blog

Rose said...

Hi I just found your blog on MBC and I'm now following. I would love for you to come stop by my blog as well.
Thanks and Keep in Touch!

KM said...

hi rovie ! thanks for passing thits along and linking back :) i hope your in-grown gets well soon. take care :)

w0rkingAth0mE said...

congrats on the list i'm your new follower! Hope you can follow me back

summerhathway said...

this is so interesting and amazing to me....

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