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My hubby's Nokia N95 cellular phone has been with him even before we got married and in less that two weeks from now we will be celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary. Can you just imagine how old and how long it is with him?  Bren is not really a "techy" person but just a few months ago his N95 started to give him some problems so he thought of buying a new cellular phone.

At first the flex was no longer working so  we have it  repaired and mind you it was costly. Then just after a week  it again  needs  reformatting because there were some problem on sending and receiving messages. And  it doesn't end there, the latest was last month wherein we need to change its LCD. 

Under Repair Nokia N95

Just recently, despite all those repairs his ever dearest cellular phone is still causing him headache  because the LCD is not as good as the original and it is a bit darker. He is  now seriously  looking for a new phone preferably an Android Phone. Hubby is presently  researching on what  brand and model is best for him. Owning an Android phone is  quite costly but Bren is determined  to have one in the near future. 

While browsing the net, Bren and I have read about Samsung's newest Android Phone, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  The phone is said to be the product of Samsung and Google's joint venture and set to be launched on November. 

Samsung Galaxy Nexus ( Photo Not Mine)

I just hope Bren wouldn't go for  the super expensive Android Phone. I am actually lulling him to get a post paid plan from any network provider for him to get a free phone from the plan. He said that he will think about it and I pray that he will  because if it happens it is going to be a big relief on me and my budget.

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Lainy said...

Mukhang cool din yang Samsung, Rovs.

BTW, done adding up 4 of your blogs sa two blogs ko palang. I have 7 so I hope you can have the patience to add them all at your blogs, hahaha! Have you gotten all the links? It's in my sidebar. Do let me know if you can't find them.


Ayielle said...

Hmmm try HTC Wildfire. :) my hubs wants a new phone too and this is what he's aiming for, but this one is a free handset coming off from his dad's phone plan haha, but still, it's an android phone and cheap in the market. :)

krizza said...

Hi Rovs! That Samsung phone looks cool! Bagong release lang ba yan? I just want to share with you my experience sa post paid plan Sis. I used to have this before from Smart. I've been having post paid plan for several years, then more than 2 yrs ago, I decided to give it up for the reason that after I calculate, I end up having more expenses than buying my own unit. May mga hidden charges sila and I always end up consuming more than the amount in my subscribed plan ranging from P2k to P3k a month. Now, I've saved up a lot after going back to prepaid as I am closely monitoring the difference. But anyway, just try to evaluate first Sis. Ang haba ata ng comment ko ah...parang post ko na to ah. Hahahaha...:)

Rovie said...

hi yel, thanks for sharing...

Krizz: Salamat din for sharing your experience about post paid plan... I have a post paid user for more than 3 years now and I am happy so far. Siguro depende yan sa network sis kasi ang SUN may unlimited calls. I have plan 350 and so far hindi ako umaabot ng 1K. Happy din naman ako sa SUN. Parang landline lang namin ni hubby... I encourage nga kung may signal sa mga kids mo better get a SUN plan ( nag promote pah..) I'll blog about the perks I got from SUN one of this days...

Haba din ng reply...hehehe

krizza said...

Wow...thanks Rovie! I never use SUN before. So far, I've been only using one network, yung SMART nga kasi yun gamit namin lahat sa family. But I would love to know more about SUN. Who knows I may consider using this too...Thanks Rovs. :)

KM said...

I have an N95 8GB. When I moved to the States this year, Vince gave me an Iphone4. Kaya ayun, ibibigay ko na lang yung N95 ko sa kapatid ko pag-uwi ko :D

I think it's better to get a plan so you don't have to worry about paying one time big time for the phone. When I was in the Philippines, naka post paid din ako thru Smart and happy naman ako. I would suggest to Bren to go post paid ;)

Rovie said...

KM: Actually sis existing post paid plan holder na sya ng SUN din kaya lang gusto nya talaga ng android or Nokia high end na phone... Toys for the big boys baga... Hehe...

Saya naman at swerte mo ha ang Iphone mo pala courtesy ni Vince. Congrats sis! by the way,how do you plan to celebrate your first anniversary?

Unknown said...

Masinop sa gamit asawa mo Rovie, sa iba pa yan andun na yan sa tindahan pinaswap sa latest unit hehehe

Seow wei said...

Hi rovie, I suggest the HTC wildfire S, me and my husband two of us are using this model, more cheaper than other choice and is easy to use, my husband throw again his previous nokia smartphone.

kimmyschemy said...

waaahh! i want an ANDROID phone! big hug!

by the way, do you mind checking out on For Richer and In Health"?

Unknown said...

I love Samsung for more than 5 years now and it's a good buy if you go with S2

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