My Worst Disconnection Experience

Our internet  has been disconnected since Wednesday. It was initially my fault because I failed to take note the payment due date. I was actually waiting for the call from PLDT reminding me of my due date and payment schedule. See, that's how confident I am thinking that my internet service provider cares a lot because they have been doing  that for the last few months. I was a fool to believe that they will be consistent.

By the way, upon knowing that our internet was disconnected I immediately went to the nearest PLDT Office to pay the  bills. Thinking that like other ISPs they will immediately take action and reactivate my connection but  I was so wrong! Because after several times of calling them, I was told that my connection will be back within 24-48 hours and that's supposed to be last Friday! Obviously, you knew what happened for until now I could not spend enough time to  visit  all your blogs as much as I want to and it annoys me more than anything!

It was such a headache calling PLDT's customer service  hotline because you have to wait for an average of 30-40 minutes to be entertained by their representatives. It's such a waste of time but I have no choice but to wait just to get the much  needed reactivation. For the last five days, I have been making several calls but then again I was only told to wait for another 24-48 hours AGAIN! Just this morning when I tried to follow up my connection, I waited for 45 minutes again... enough time for me to take a bath and eat my breakfast. Good thing though I did my thing while waiting to be answered.

I am really having a hard time with my internet service provider because until now we weren't able to enjoy the watchpad they've been bragging about. It's fine though because we can live without the watchpad but the very basic connection? How is that? Why is SMARTBRO and SUN can immediately reactivate your connection as in  RIGHT AWAY as in right after payment and why PLDT MyDSL could not? I know that both SMARTBRO and PLDT are owned by the same person but why there is such  a big difference when it comes to their service?

I am now living and breathing internet from my neighbor's WIFI connection but I needed to go out of the house just to smell a little connection. I have just started my online job and I am not sure if I could still be able to get that job back after a  few days of being offline.

Guys, if you think about switching or getting  PLDT MyDSL as your internet service provider, I suggest that  you better think again!

**I am sharing this not to bash PLDT MyDSL but for my friends and readers to be aware and will have an idea based on my experience with PLDT MyDSL.

Update: Reconnected after 7 long agonizing days.

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Lainy said...

This is so sad, Rovz. I am sorry to hear of your predicament. That truly sucks! I am a new subscriber of PLDT for only about a year and I must say, they need to improve their customer care service. I used to be a Smartbro subscriber but it's so much worse down the line.

I do hope you'll have your connection very soon, in time for Bella's big bash :-)

Love and Hugs,

rona said...

Yun pala ang dahilan. Well, I should be thankful pala sa gamit kong sun broadband. I availed the unlimited 799 and kapag lumampas na sa due date pinuputol din nila. But the good thing is, after paying, back ang connection if not right away but not more than 12 hours later. I'm hoping na maging okay na ang connection mo soon cuz we miss you here terribly! ;)

Unknown said...

ay naku...
grabe yang PLDT na yan, napakabagal ng service - business pa naman ang application namin sa kanila, buti na lang may Globe Lines din ang internet shop namin na sumasalo

rovie, i am so blessed that i have a loving family

anney said...

Sakin namn ang ngyari 4 days na nawala ang connection pero bayad namn kami. Hay naku minsan talaga nakakainis ang PLDT.

KM said...

i wonder ano internet provider dito sa bahay kasi i'm surprised it's pretty fast naman :)

uy, rovie !! eto naka-sneak in sa internet saglit. just got back in manila from boracay and bicol the past week. medyo nagpapahinga right now kaya i took the chance to go online and quickly say hi and thank you sa mga comments mo sa blog ko. medyo busy busy pa kami sa gala and gatherings but hopefully next week when i start working again medyo mag lielow ang mga gala and then pwede na ako mag blog ulit ;) na -miss ko mga kuwentuhan natin sa comments at chat box ah. hehe!

yun lang muna. bisitahin ko din ang mga iba mong blogs when i get the chance ulit.

take care, and hi to bren and bella baby!


krizza said...

Hi Rovs! OO nga...nakakainis talaga yung naging experience mo with PLDT. I know the feeling lalo na pag talagang you are looking forward to doing some tasks and commitment online. So wala ka bang balak mag switch to other ISP?

Sorry Rovs late me nakadalaw ulit ngayon kasi maaga me nakakatulog at sobrang aga din nagigising. Irregular ang sleep ko lately. :)

I hope everything will get back to normal real soon! :)

Take Care!

fallenrhainnes said...

sulatan mo manager... hehehe

Seny said...

Philippine customer service is bad and slow...ugh!

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