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I grow up seeing my parents working hard to feed us and send us to a good school. Looking back, for more than two  decades our livelihood was the little food stall near the  wharf area in Cotabato. I would remember waking up at  dawn to help my parents  especially when passengers flocked  our store to have a morning coffee. It was actually my first job because before the day ends Mama would give me some amount as payment for my service.

I realized that managing a business is such a hard thing especially when you do not have somebody to rely on particularly when it comes to financial matters. We were still young then so my parents have no other choice but to carry the loads all by themselves. If only they were  techie enough to discover Lettings Software, I am sure their life would be easier. 

I am not an Accountant and I only have a minimal knowledge on Accounting that is why I am so pleased to   know that the  Lettings Software can do all the job any Accountant can do. It really simplifies  the process of any business operation.

My parents have now retired from their usual business activities since they have decided to transfer here in Davao but  we still dream of putting up a suitable business in the future. I hope by that time, we will be able to utilize Lettings Software to make our lives simpler.

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Lainy said...

Hey ROvz! Welcome back with a vengeance! Ang galing at ang comeback mo ay oops, hehe! More moolah to come!


KRIZZA said...

Woootttt!!! Hmmm...kaya pala nanunukso ka ha kasi ikaw din. Hahaha!!!

Nice to see u back Sis!

Rovie said...

Hahahah! Thanks mga Sis!

Unknown said...

hmmmm...i smell moolah here hahaha

ang problem dito si DOJ secretary ang usual nakakatulig ang katahimikan ni PNoy

talagang kawawa ang sambayanang Pilipino kapag nakatakas si GMA, hangga't walang kaso sa kanya ang gobyerno, makakaalis si GMA at matatakasan niya ang mga krimen niya

Marie said...

This sounds good Ate Rovie! :)

Hope you can join my birthday giveaway.

KRIZZA said...

H Sis! Musta na yung preparations mo for Bella's bday? I'm sure very oraganized yan kasi tagal mo na talaga yan pinaghandaan eh.

Good Luck Sis! Hope it will turn out to be a memorable one.

Late night visit! *hugs*

Lainy said...

O nga!Just like Krizz, nasa isip ko rin ang bday bash ni Bella. LAst night when I was dining out with my fam, sumagi sa isip ko, hehe! I hope everything is now well-prepared, Rovz. Must be a really bonggacious party ;-)

Thanks sa mga comments at dalaw mo sa blog ko ha. I sincerely appreciate it.


Rovie said...

So far so good naman mga titas. I draw inspiration from the three of you(with KM)...

Simple lang naman ang matagal na paghahanda ang ang budgeting.. Hahaha... Salamat okay na ang lahat.

Sobrang salamat sa inyo! Hugs back!

KRIZZA said...

Hi Sis! I hope nakapahinga ka na ng husto after that big day of Bella! I'm sure you are so very tired and exhausted! But ang importante ay okay na at nairaos. Hugs to Bella baby. I really hope na okay na sya by now. :)

Rovie said...

Hi sis... Medyo wala pa rin talagang pahinga kasi nga may salit pa rin si Bellaplus hinahabol kong matapos yung mga deadlines ko for my online jobs kasi magbabakasyon kami sa Cagayan de Oro sa Tuesday...

Praying that Bella will get well before Tuesday kasi kung hindi baka hindi sin kami matutuloy. Tumutubo kasi ang ngipin nya kaya nilalagnat...

Pasensya na kung medyo madalang ang dalaw. Bawi ako kapag nakaluwag na sa time. Thanks Sis!

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