Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #28 - GFC

Welcome to the Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #28!

I am always looking forward to join WBFC every week because aside from meeting new friends it also true to its purpose as everyone who joined  increases the number of their followers.

To all those who are visiting from WBFC #28, please follow my GFC located on top of my blog post.

This week's WBFC is sponsored by Travels and Familia Wanderers.

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Unknown said...

hi rovie!
old follower from wbfc 28

Know Your Tune said...

Hi! Followed as Mirage. :)

Lei said...

follower from wbfc 28

Lainy said...

I am your new fan here, Rovz :-)

Nalingaw ko sa imong comment ba. No problemo uy bisan balik- balik. Basta ikaw, kurog ko. LOL!

Rachelle said...

Hi! new GFC follower here!
Hi! old GFC follower here. :)
Pinay Mom in Germany

Tagging along my other blogs :)
My Kids in Germany
OnlineBiz and Resources

krizza said...

Hi Rovie! Do I need to say that I'm an old follower? Hahaha!!!

Chenezzzzzzzz....nanggugulo lang ako dito eh.
Uyy...sumali na ako. (lol)

Icar said...

old GFC follower, dropping by for WBFC#28

Jessica said...

old GFC -wifetoalineman02- follower here Sis. Dropping some love for WBFC#28, hope that you can visit me back too


Phebie said...

Hi! Followed u here thru GFC as Phebie…
Hope ul do the same, if u already did.. then, Thank You!
God Bless!

Lainy said...

Hola Rovz! Thanks for the visits across my blogs, first thing in the morning and the last routine in the evening, LOL!

I had a toxic day at work today. I am glad I've managed to walk through here despite feeling dead tired.

WE need to take some rest early tonight. Hope you feel better soon.

Nytie nyt! Hugs!

Travel Quest said...

Hi I’m a new follower hope you can follow back too.. Thanks!

Lainy said...

Hi Rovz. Gising na! Hehehe! Hope you'll have a great day ahead of you.


Rovie said...

Thanks for following everyone.

Same with you sis Lainz. Hugging you back with love!

Lainy said...

Hey Rovz! Sorry wasn't able to swing by here last night before hitting the sack. I was dead beat. I am trying to make it up for it this early :-)

Goodluck on your content writing endeavors. That's music to my ears coz it means $$$. Cheers to that! :-)

Thanks a lot for the frequent visits across my blogs. I owe much of the spike in the traffic to you, Krizza and the rest.

Love and Hugs,

Mommy Kharen said...

new follower from wbfc28

Unknown said...

hi rovie, thanks for that suggestion, i will renew my ad
i'm visiting bella now...hmmm excited naman ako sa award na yan hahaha

-yogi143- said...

Hi? I am now following you! (^_^) .

I follow as "yogi"...

please follow me back...

Thank you! :)


purethoughts said...

followed you from me the woman.. ;)


Lainy said...

Hi Rovz! Musta na? I am sure sobrang busy na ang beauty mo. Malapit na ang 19 ;-)

Unknown said...

followed and bloghopping on a lovely sunday afternoon.


Anonymous said...

followed as "d and b" :D


jared's mum said...

sorry for the very late visit, but is it better late than never, right? :)

following you now via GFC as jared's mum, hope you can follow back :)
musings on meanderings

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