Replacing Car Windshield

Having a car is convenient especially when there is a family emergency just like when we brought Bella to the hospital a few days ago. That was one of the time wherein  I am so  thankful for having a car ready to take us anytime and anywhere without the hassle of waiting. But the downside of having a car is its maintenance. Providing a good maintenance for your car is more expensive than raising a kid. And that was what I have been telling Bren repeatedly. 

A few months ago,  our car's windshield was broken when it was hit by a mango fruit. I have even made a blog post about it sometime last year. I was a bit hesitant to have it replaced immediately when it happened  because it is a bit costly on our part. Good thing, I was convinced to give it a go signal  when I saw Windshield Replacement Phoenix. I was able to compare prices and quotations necessary to have the windshield replaced.

By reading this Auto Glass Phoenix website, I was able to understand the services necessary for our car's windshield. Being the  household's finance officer, I am so conscious about the budget especially those unexpected ones which is most of the time spent on our car. But now, I am so glad that I found Auto Glass Repair Phoenix because I can always ask for a free online assessment when necessary, that way I would be able to set aside a certain budget for our car.

Although a bit costly, we decided to keep the car and even have it repainted because aside from its uses, it has a sentimental value for us because that's where Bella was given birth. I just hope that it will serve us well for a long time. Bren have high hopes that her little girl would be able to drive that car when she reaches 18.

Windshield Replacement Phoenix
3001 N. Randolph Road. #GF4
Phoenix, AZ 85014
(602) 792-5954

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KM said...

Naks, me opps! ;) May bago na naman akong blog, Rovs. Nahahawa na ako sa inyo, nanganganak ang mga blogs. LOL. Inaayos ko pa pero active na. I-link up kita dun and let you know pag okei na ;)

Rovie said...

yay!congrats sa new blog km... hehehe

the more the merrier... hehehe

rona said...

korek! Nahawa sakin especially si KeMers ng kabekihan. Tagalog yung blog nya. Kakaloka! Dali dalaw ka din Ate Rovsy! The more, the meniyer!

Anonymous said...

ayos to ah, lakas ng raket natin girl.. :)

Unknown said...

thanks sa visit, like the blog makeover

Rovie said...

Konti lang naman... hehehe

Rovie said...

Thanks reese... I miss you...

Unknown said...

Sa Phoenix pa nimo gpa ayo ang windshield?

Rovie said...

hahaha... dili pud oi... OPP ni pero naka learn japon ko sa ilang website...

refuse vehicle hire said...

Regardless of which windshield wiper you choose, it's best to change your wipers after 6 months. Very few wipers can go 12 months without signs of deterioration, with most not making it past 9 months.

Anonymous said...

Making sure that the windshield of your vehicle is in perfect condition is necessary, many accidents happen due to bad visibility in rainy season, people don't clean them properly which creates a lot of problems.

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