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It has been a while since I bought something for myself. Motherhood really took me in and going out to shop is quite an effort for me nowadays. Good thing that shopping online is reliable, at least I am able to look for wholesale fashion at the point of my fingertips. I remember saying in one of my posts that shopping is not my thing especially when I became a mom but woman as I am, sometimes  I can't help but fancy the latest fashion trends and imagined buying  wholesale bags for myself. I guess, that will remain a dream for now. :(

I don't actually have a specific fashion style, I just go for what I feel is comfortable regardless of the brand and style but I just make sure that I am also dress for the occasion especially when I go to church. I want to wear the proper dress code for the Sunday mass and I just bought dresses which I can say under the korean fashion category. I like those dresses because they are stylish, affordable and of excellent quality. I also included in my fashion list the the chance to shop for wholesale accessories to I can resell and hopefully take off with the online fashion business I am planning to put up. :-) 

I am just so happy every time I find quality items at the cheapest possible price. My latest purchase is really a good buy and so worth my time and money.

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rona said...

Opps coming up for you! more to come!

Mommy R said...

OO nga Ning... Hehehe


jenilia said...

great information, thanks for your sharing. have a nice day.

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