Lessons From The Past

I consider myself as a happy and laid back person although most people see the opposite. I remember when I was branded as strict and sometimes referred to as heartless due to the decisions I made at work. People around me misunderstood my actions  because of my loud voice and strong personality. 

It has been a rule for me not to establish personal friendship with people I work with especially with my subordinates to maintain the professionalism at work. I came to that decision because of my previous experience wherein I find it hard to impose and push for output because  I am afraid to strain the friendship that I developed with my office mates and subordinates.

The end of my career in my previous job is not a pleasant one but I am still thankful for the experience especially for the lessons that I learn. Life thought me to be strong,  to stand for the truth and to fight for what I believe in. I also learn that many people will act as a friend in front of you but behind your back, they're planning wicked things and waiting for you to fall. I know that's just part of life's little challenges. The lesson- trust no one!

Well, there's just so many lessons that should be learned from the past. Despite it all, I still didn't lost my faith in people. I gained a few genuine friends along the way and I will be forever grateful for that. I believe that there are still a lot of good people out there. I pity those people who cannot  be happy with the success of other people. They're living such a lonely life. :(

Experiences good or bad teaches us a lot of lessons we can use to make our lives even more worthwhile. Lessons can guide us in searching for our real purpose in life. We should not dwell in the past but instead move on and look forward for a greater tomorrow. Learn the lesson, forgive, forget and believe that everything happens for a reason and that God has a greater plans for the future.

Live life to the fullest. Stay happy and positive! :-)

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Anonymous said...

nice content, yeah you can not trust anyone and some people ot their are just waiting for your down fall.

--ianne :)

Anonymous said...

tama girl..move on lang ng move at kiberloo sa mga makikitid na mentalidad, hindi talaga maiiwasan ang mga taong ganyan lalo na sa workplace, ika nga ang buhay parang pelikula hindi magiging makulay kung walang kontrabida... but in the end syempre ung bida pa rin ang wagi...

i miss you and blogging too...:)

hcfa 1500 said...

that is right as mostly understand your self your apposite and working way is really good for your career. i am satisfied with your post because i am same as you.

Rovie said...

Thanks Ianne... Looking forward to read one of your new posts too...:-)

Rovie said...

You are so right gurl! Basta maging masaya lang lagi hayaan na lang ang mga nega. Hehehe

Ang importante wala tayong tinatapakang tao at alam natin na nasa tama tayo.

I miss you too... Sulat na ng bagong post. Hehehe

KRIZZA said...

Hi Rovs! Naiintriga ako sa past experience mo sa work ah. Hehehe. madalas ko kasi nababasa sa blogs mo na may unpleasant experience ka sa job mo. Di bale Sis...move on lang. There are still a lot of opportunities for beautiful people like you! Mwahhh!

Balut said...

I agree with you here... ano ngang sabi mo sis? ha ha ha biro lang kasi naman masyado kangs serious tapos konek na konek pa ko dun sa "i avoid having close friends sa work place" - same here when I used to work sa office :(

wala eh call of duty na dapat not too friendly :(

jenilia said...

Great Lanne,
"Live life to the fullest. Stay happy and positive!"
great words. thanks for your great words. i am also facing many problems in my circle. thanks for your nice sharing

rona said...

OMG! Same here as Balut. I got too close with my co-teachers before and they played with my emotion. Ay naalala ko tuloy. Especially yung head teacher namin, nuknukan na ng pagka tsismosa, ang sama pa ng bibig! Ambait sa harap mo tapos grabe pag nakatalikod na. I never thought that a person could be that bad and disgusting in my term kasi I was played through my emotions! Naku ichichika ko nalng sa chat. Mahaba eh. So i decided to resign the year after that. One year lang ako tumagal dun. I love my students there but the people I work with are the main reason ng pagresign ko. Pero hindi naman sila lahat. Mayron ding naging kaibigan ko tlga hanggng ngayon.

Rovie said...

Oo nga sis but ang mga taong medyo makitid hindi masyadong na iintindihan yun. Hehehe

Rovie said...

I can super dooper relate sa experience mo Ning. Ang mga taong mababait sa harap mo pag nakatalikod ka, ikaw pala ang tinitira.

Minsan nga mas mabuti na lang yung nakaka away ng harapan kasi alam mo kesa yung sisiraan ka pag nakatalikod ka.

By reading you comments, makapag conclude tayo na may mga tao talagang kasing sama nila. :(

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