Simple Ways to Make Dad Special This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is fast approaching and you still haven’t figured out what to give dad. Will he like the shiny new tie to go with his new suit? Or perhaps a replacement for his 5-year old leather shoes?

For some reason it’s really hard to figure out what will make dads happy because he’s always been the one who provides. And even if we ask our moms for suggestions, she will just have the same answer: “your dad will love whatever thing you’ll give him”.

If you’re having this kind of dilemma, it’s best to give up fishing for his wish list and start concentrating on the other side of the spectrum. Go instead for the practical stuff that will make dad feel more special. Here are our top suggestions:

  • Wash the car. Admit it; this task has always been a dad thing. But for a weekend, snatch this task from him by waking up early, grab the hose and vacuum cleaner, and start sweeping and scrubbing the ins and outs of dad’s car. 
  • Treat him to his favorite game. Whether it’s on the actual game or just at the comforts of your living room, make sure dad is super comfortable while watching his favorite team in action by stocking the fridge with his top choice of iced cold beer then serve it with spicy Buffalo chicken wings. 
  • Cook his much-loved dish. If you have the proper skills to execute dad’s all-time favorite dish then well and good. But if not, best to ask mom to lend you a hand just to avoid any kitchen disaster that might happen while experimenting with those ingredients.
  • Be the weekend’s family driver. Dads have always been in charge of the wheel so for a change, it’s time that you volunteer as the weekend driver. In this way, you can let him enjoy the ride at the passenger seat together with mom (awww!).

This is a guest post by Ciel. She loves listening to Asian music, and strongly believes that music is the universal language. She enjoys working from home as a writer. She is currently writing about Gulvprisen, which concerns about floor pricings.

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rona said...

Yey! Nice tips! Ako happy na si Papa ko sa kiss and hugs with money sa shake hands. Yun lagi request nya eh. Haha. Makulit si papa ko. Miss ko na!

Is this the first ever guest post on this blog? Galing! Good move para mamaintain pa din. God bless Ate Rovs!

Rovie said...

Ganun din naman si Papa ko. Simple lang talaga ang gusto sa buhay at mababaw lang kaligayahan nun...

Guest Paid post ito sis from a DA. Hehehe

anne said...

How I wish my husband is here so I could just follow your simple step Daddy's day. When we went to the mall yesterday to look for something for him, geez it is so expensive. LOL! But I am still tryign to find something that is nice but not that expensive lol. Points of View of Travels and Places

Balut said...

great suggestion list! I cooked for my man ;)

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