3 Online Services to Increase Your Efficiency Leverage

Business sense dictates that all possible means to promote productivity in the workplace be tapped and put into full use. Big and small business owners recognize this for the norm that it is, hence, the continuous search for ways and means to do business efficiently but cost-effectively. Between the small cash-strapped companies and the big ones with fat purses, the latter always find themselves positioned for growth. If you're a small business owner, to keep up with the financially leveraged, what you need might be a little tweaking here and there in your resource planning strategy. To do that, consider the following online tools: 

Collaboration. Effective communication. Efficiency. How's that for a tag line? Catchy and universal, yes? In truth, however, that's no tag line. Those are three foolproof ways to ensure that a business is always in tip-top shape. This is the reason behind the implementation of efficiency-enhancing tools such as intranets and CRMs. Problem with these, however, they can be too expensive for the small business owner to employ. Bitrix24.com is a corporate communications and collaborations solution that's 100% free for small businesses comprised of a total of 12 people.

Bitrix24 combines several different work tools in one platform, essentially becoming your all-in-one work station - CRM for transactions, real-time streaming to monitor the progress of ongoing projects, activity planner, calendar, workforce management, and a whole host of others. Also, the application is SaaS-based, meaning, no installation is needed and can be accessed anywhere in the world via your computer or your phone. An upgrade to unlimited users is pegged at $99 a month. 

Online addresses such as .com and .net are now saturated, thanks but no thanks to the millions of top-level domains (TLDs) that have been registered to date. Given this landscape, for a brand-new e-commerce site to make waves at the get-go, a catchy, easy-to-remember and relevant domain is a must. Now, that's easier said than done. Given the statistics above, most of the good ones are already taken. You can always turn to branding agencies for help. They're sure to help, I'll give them that, if you've got thousands of dollars to spend. 

PickyDomains.com, a naming service that's been doing business since 2007, taps into the online community via crowdsourcing to come up with appropriate, easy-to-pronounce, unique and catchy names, domains and slogans for individuals and small businesses. To date, PickyDomains boasts of a strong 50,000+ registered contributor base from across regions of the world. To avail of this crowd's service, become a client and pay $50 if it's a name or domain you're looking for or $75 if it's a slogan you need. Map out your naming guidelines and wait for suggestions to start coming in. If none of those you receive meets the criteria you set, you can always ask for your money back. 

 Low-cost carriers and online ticket brokers have cheapened air travel quite considerably. But as in most instances, for any good news, there's an entailing bad news. Bad news is that the competition among airlines has become so stiff that instead of price-comparison websites where the cheapest airfare promos can be perused by any prospective customer in just a glance, airlines are now confining their best deals into their own sites or partner third-party sites. As a result, the customer would have to skim through multiple sites to get hold of the deal that suits him best. 

JetRadar.com is an integrated cheap airfare search tool that methodically sifts through 700+ airlines and hundreds of online flight sites for the cheapest airfare promos, and makes the data accessible for public utilization in a single website. This drastically cuts down the time and effort usually needed to find the best possible airfare deal.

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