Stylish Notepad from a Beautiful Friend

I always feel so blessed whenever somebody remembers me with or without occasion. A generous and beautiful friend of mine whom I met at one of the program offerings  at ADDU was thoughtful enough to give me a stylish notepad as a gift last Christmas. Yes, that's how long I have been using this notepad and this post has long been overdue but it's never too late to thank a friend who has a heart  of gold, right? ;)

Our friendship blossomed from an ordinary classmate to almost sisters since we both chose the same subjects from the school's program offerings. We would conduct group studies and together we will work out projects especially the hard ones. 

This notepad makes my life easier as I can simply write down all the things that comes to my  mind at any given time. Thank you very much Sis Guada. May the Lord God bless you more for being so kind and generous. Your life is such a blessing and may you continue to be a blessing to others.

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Anonymous said...

i like notepads too.. most of the time there were ideas that just popped up so sudden in my mind and in order not to forget it i have to write it down i always bring a notepad wherever i go...

KRIZZA said...

Me, too Rovs! I always keep a handy notepad for me. Even I can make use of my CP's diary feature, I still feel comfortable writing on notepads. That's so sweet of your friend.

Musta na?

Rovie said...

mas maganda pa rin kasi yung nagsusulat... although ang mga reminders pwde sa mga phones na lang i-save pero pag sanay kana sa notepad hahanap hanapin mo... ;)

Salamat sa dalaw. I miss you!

Rovie said...

I'm good sis. Salamat sa dalaw.

Sanayan lang talaga yan. Ako kasi hindi pwdeng umalis ng bahay ng walang notepad or notebook. :)

Mabait, maganda at mayaman ang friend ko na yun. Swerte ko... Hehehe

sir rob said...

Not sure though if I like notepads now but before I used to be caring one because I was hooked up into writing poems and I always write those that comes in my mind before I forget them. lol

Rovie said...

Preference changes over time Sir especially with the birth of the latest gadgets wherein you can easily save any notes at any given time.

Thanks for dropping by.

Mommy Dharlz said...

I have collected notepads in the past and well, they are quite handy too.

windsor property management said...

I used to be caring one because I was hooked up into writing poems and I always write those that comes in my mind before I forget them. lol

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