Thailand : The Home of Muay Thai

Thailand is a very captivating place to visit. My sister who once visited the place said that the culture is still intact and there are lots of exciting  things and places to see in Thailand. The food in Thailand is very affordable and the cost of living is not that expensive. Another interesting fact I learned about Thailand is its connection with Muay Thai.

Muay Thai is the kind of martial art that originated in Thailand. For me, it is an interesting sport. I heard about a muay thai camp in thailand which are open for visitors who wanted to learn everything about thailand muay thai. I think this is one way of promoting the sport and keeping the interest of the people locally and internationally. 

Hearing so many good things about the place makes me want to see and experience Thailand  but for now, I should better include it in my bucket list and make a good plan about the visit.

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Balut said...

Thailand is also in my bucket list. And if I have the chance to visit Thailand, it would be fun to see that muay thai camp.

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