A Happy Family Life

Being a work-at-home mom and a full time homemaker gives me enough time to take care of important things at home while earning on the side. I never really thought that I would reach this stage in my life; having a great time with my family especially with my baby and enjoying a decent online income. Living a happy family life is indeed a dream come true for me.

There are still times when I think of working in a corporate setting but realizing how blessed I am with the life I have now made me paused and even think twice. Admittedly, I am very happy with my situation right now particularly with Bella’s progress. She can now talk clearly and read some letters of the alphabet at her age of 20 months old. And this, I consider as a big achievement as this greatly contributes to the joy and happiness of the whole family especially for her father.

Even if I don’t get the chance to dress up as formal as I want to because of my work, I still do shop online at EdenFantasys to buy the things I need. Even though I am working at home, I know I still need to take care of myself too by using body and beauty products that will not only make my skin beautiful but will also enhance my personality.

One good thing about these beauty products from EdenFantasys is that they are made of natural ingredients. Using these as often as I could will surely make my skin soft and smooth. Having a beautiful skin will not only make hubby happy but our little one too. And this I would say, I am not just living a happy life but living the life of my dream. :)

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Vernz said...

I should check this site out.. looks interesting.... Hugs to Bella Rovs.. Dropping by :)

Angel said...

God bless your happy family ate. i know you're more than satisfied. PRAISE THE LORD! ♥

BTW, na curious ko sa EdenFantasys.. haha.. ma check nga. hehe :)


Angel said...

God bless your happy family ate. i know you're more than satisfied. PRAISE THE LORD! ♥

BTW, na curious ko sa EdenFantasys.. haha.. ma check nga. hehe :)


Mhie@travelentz said...

I agree with you sis, taking care your own child is very important..and earning online is awesome, we're the boss opppsss-not anymore our child is really our big boss.hehehhe

KM said...

Ay, eto na pala yung opp na yun! Congrats, Rovs, sa moolah ;)

betchai said...

you have such a good life, Rovs, so happy for you. it is a luxury to be able to take care of your baby full time since it is always not easy, it is a full time job by itself but a lot others would not be able to afford to. then you have a bonus of having income online, something of your own choosing to spend some of your free time while your hands are not full taking care of your baby to learn a lot of things on line and learn from them. not many can do that, and i salute you. am so glad to have met you here online.

emely vercide said...

You made the right decision Rov. Being a homemaker is not an easy job but we managed to stay happy because of the inspirations our family gives back in return.And this happiness shows..kaya beauty pa rin si mommy!

papaleng said...

HYappy for you Sis for giving in to God's will.

Anonymous said...

wow..congrats girl.. HAPPY FAMILY LIFE.

migisi said...

your post is really nice and its true that we girls homemakers have to look of child and also earning in online its very great job you are doing.
Really me to going to continue this.

kimmy said...

i can so relate to that. giving up my job to take care of my kids' needs is the best life i could possibly want for myself..

Mai said...

i couldn't agree more. we're so blessed to be able to work from home.

KM said...

Naka-order ka na ba dito, Rovs? ;)

Dalaw for ABH ☻

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