How to Improve Relationship with Your Partner

Hubby and I are together now for more than ten years; 6 years being sweethearts and four years as married couple. I know our relationship has a long way to go before we can call it successful but I still wanted to share these basics of how we have kept our relationship fairly harmonious and continuously improving based on our personal experience.

I believe that the following elements can help improve the relationship you have with your partner right now:


Honesty is the best policy. This is applicable for us every single second of the day. Regardless of whether he will get angry or be happy, always see to it  to be always truthful to your partner. I believe that above all the important aspects of the relationship, this one should come first. Love is all about honesty and I think that a relationship without this element is not really worth it.


Always talk things out with your partner. Do not create negative assumptions about each other’s feelings. Learn to express yourself better so that your partner will clearly understand when you are angry, hurt or even happy. When you stop talking to each other from the heart, it is the beginning of the end of your most precious relationship.


Accept your partner for what and who he/she is. Do not try to turn your partner into somebody he/she is not. Accept your partner for what he/she is and for what he/she is not. You should love each other completely and truthfully. Admit it; there is more to your partner than what meets the eye, which is why you love him/her in the first place, right? LOL


Do not make promises you do not intend to keep. If you are in a relationship, make your partner your priority and as much as possible do not disappoint him. When you said something make sure to deliver it regardless of how big or small it might be. It is really frustrating to expect something but didn’t happen. Make your partner feel that he/she is important to you.


Demonstrating your love is one way of keeping the bond stronger. It is such a wonderful feeling to be felt loved. Believe it or not, hubby never gave me a single flower for the last ten years that we were together. With or without flowers I really do not feel that I am loved the least. Every person has their own way of showing their love. Hubby made me feel complete by his just mere presence. *Wink*


Be sensitive with each others feelings. Do not make fun of her skin or hair and also do not touch his ego by comparing him to other guys. If your partner is inferior about something, you better stop scrutinizing or talking about it; you might hurt him/her without knowing it. Love is about showing respect and being delicate to each others feelings all the time.

On top of everything, the relationship should be  bounded by faith and love to the creator. Our relationship as married couple is not perfect but we are trying to improve and make things better every single day especially now that God has given us more than enough reason to do so with the coming of our little girl. Improving the relationship with our partners is always a challenge that we need to endure every single day. Just continue to live, love, laugh and have fun together.


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betchai said...

haha, same here Rovs, hubby has not given me a single flower, except he water the flowering plants outside and they bloom wonderfully if that can be counted, haha, and like you, i never felt love the least, we all have our own ways of expressing love :) so glad for you and your hubby, may you continue to grow in each other's love.

papaleng said...

You said it all and put Honesty on top. Yan din ang ingredients ng 'happy marriage' namin ni wifey.

Lainy said...

I will remember all of these tips, Rovz.

Swinging by here on a Sunday.

BTW, we shall be travelling to Davao after lunch today. I hope we could finally meet up somehow :-) Text-text na lang :-)

mhie@travelentz said...

Well said,Sis. Thanks for sharing....pero minsan isip bata pa rin ako pagdating sa relationship namin, buti nalang hubby ko, he understand me all the time.

betchai said...

tweeted this Rovs :)

rockyy said...

very well written article sis ..thanks for sharing! ....

Rovie said...

Thanks so much Betchai.

I wish you the same with your marriage life. I think having a husband that is years and years older than I do contributes a lot of good things to the marriage...

Rovie said...

Oo nga po Sis eh.

Kasi hubby believes that over time all the elements may change but still each of us should remain honest to keep the trust at least...

Rovie said...

I hope this helps you with your relationship as well Lainz.

Thanks for dropping by here. I really hope we could see each other this time.


Rovie said...

Good for you sis. Hubby is so understanding too in almost everything except if it's his time to use the laptop. LOL

He would often get annoyed if I would take his laptop time. Hehehe

Rovie said...

Thanks so much Sis Betchai.

I really hope others may find this helpful.

Rovie said...

Thanks also for swinging be here today sis...

KM said...

Ang tagal nyo din pala talaga ni Bren bago nagpakasal no? At hindi pala talaga sya "flowers and chocolates" guy :D

Congrats sa 10 years nyo, Rovz. Wishing you 10 and forever more ;)

Dito for ABH ^^

Swexie said...

Kinilig ako on the first paragraph. Hehehe! =) Hope to meet your hubby someday.

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