Filing of Candidacy for 2013 Elections

Today is the fist day of filing of candidacy for 2013 elections. As I was watched the local and national news, I can't  help but wonder about the politics in the Philippines. Politicians that have previous issues are now friends because they have no choice but be in the same political party. Formerly opposing candidates due to differences in beliefs and principles are now standing side by side to show support to each other. Politics seems like a family business already since immediate relatives and family members would want to have the coveted seats in the senate and congress. The same goes with the local politics as well. Political dynasty is the name of the game.

I have been exercising my right to suffrage for the last three senatorial and presidential elections and to be honest, I still don't understand a lot of things about politics. Hubby and I usually checked on the track records of each politician as we make our lists before going to the precincts to vote. But just like any ordinary Filipino voter, those that are popular are always on the top of our list.And after voting, we rarely care what they do to. We have no control over it and as much as possible we don't want to dwell on it as we have personal lives to attend to.

I still have hope for the Philippines, although undeniably, the only chance I see to improve the way of life for every Filipino right now is to work abroad or be an OFW. I  hope that the set of politicians who filed their candidacies today are genuine enough with their objectives to serve their constituents and elevate the way of life of every Filipino.

I want to give all of them the benefit of the doubt. After all, everything remains to be seen until these politicians are already oath to office. Until then, we can see and say who is true and honest in their oath to be a public servant.

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Anonymous said...

akala ko kakandidato kana rin.. lol


baka sa future bawal na rin ganitong post dahil sa cybercrime law .. tsk tsk

Rovie Aguis said...

Huwag naman sana. Wala na nga talagang mangyayari kung lahat na lang bawal.

Salamat sa dalaw :)

Zenserly said...

thank you so much for this post, it made me realize I should be speaking up to with regards to politics in our beloved country but then again I pray too our rights to express our opinions through our blogs will not be curtailed :-) Minsan gustong gusto ko na ring iwan ang Pilipinas pero nananaig pa rin ang pagnanais kong sana, sana sa mga munting gawain ng mga dedikadong Pilipinong manggagawa na nananatili sa bansa isang araw wala nang Pilipino ang kinakailangang mawalay sa Inang Bayan para umunlad ang pamumuhay..Tama ka kaibigan, tungkulin nating pumili ng mga karapat dapat na mamuno sa bansa...nakasalalay dito ang kinabukasan ng ating mga anak at magiging mga apo...nawa'y basbasan ng Panginoon ang mga balota sa darating na eleksyon...:-)

Travel Quest said...

This is a very interesting post thanks for sharing sis Rovie. I've been outdated about election this past few months and this is good info. :)

Lainy said...

Hmm. My first hand experience in handling the reception of COCs was something to blog about, Rovz. I just can't find the time to do it for now. I can only hope the voting public will be wiser enough in choosing the right candidates for every elective posts. But then, we can only hope coz in reality, it doesn't happen. I can say more and bore you but then again we all know how politics sucks in our beloved Lupang Hinirang. I can only let out a deep sighhh! ;-)

Unknown said...

I love this article! Sana nga maging maayos na ang mga politiko sa bansa!

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