The Zoren - Carmina Wedding Made Me Cry

I still can't get over with the Zoren - Carmina wedding. I have been married for four years now but I can't help but feel the "kilig" as if I am Carmina. For some reasons, I don't know why the wedding really made me cry a river especially the part where  Zoren sung the song "Grow Old With You" for Mina. I don't usually watch the television during Saturday night but I am so intrigued with how Zoren pulled off the whole event without the bride knowing it, so I reserved my Saturday night to watch the wedding episode on Channel 2. I am so glad I stayed home tonight. 

The actual wedding took place last November 15, 2012 at Fernbrook Garden in Alabang Muntinlupa. The Zoren - Carmina wedding was too good to be true but it is indeed real. It made a lot of women believe in fairy tales and happy endings while it sends a little pressure on most men especially to those who are in a relationship right now. The wedding has become very interesting knowing that only the groom worked so hard to make everything possible. Keeping  the whole thing a secret from the bride is so fascinating and truly intriguing.

With how the wedding turned out, I know every woman dreams of being on Carmina's shoes right now including me. Personally, I am just so happy that Zoren and Carmina are now officially and legally married after 12 years of being together. It was a wedding worth remembering.

I am glad that hubby watched the wedding special with me cause he understands why I am feeling like Carmina tonight. Hehehe. He even said  that he is thankful that we got married four years ago because he will be spared from the pressure that this wedding brought to all the men out there. LOL

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Zoren Legaspi!

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KM said...

I'm happy for both of them too that finally they got married! :) It is super touching how Zoren made it all happen ♥ But of course, Rovs, we all know that no matter how fairy tale Carmina-Zoren's wedding turned out, we'll never exchange our own weddings for it, di ba? ;)

Rcel said...

It made me cry a river, too, sis! Nabasa gud akong mga Kleenex diri while gatan-aw. Pandamay kaayo. That was a wedding like no other jud kaayo. :) They deserved each other and it is good to see them legally married na.

apple said...

The wedding is like a fairy tale in effect! At last they finally got married after the long wait of 12 years. Best wishes for them and hope to live them happily ever after! :D

Celebrity news in the Philippines are cool!

jennyL said...

I only get to watch their wedding sa yOutube kasi last part na naabutan ko sa TV special.. It's truly a different wedding no. kakakilig!

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