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As we celebrate this season, may we let Jesus dwell in our hearts and homes.  Let us not forget that aside from the opportunity to be with family and friends, the main reason why we have Christmas is to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

To make this season memorable, I have 12 Christmas Wishes for all my friends and readers :
  1. Happiness deep inside
  2. Serenity at every sunrise
  3. Success in every phase of life
  4. A loving and supportive family 
  5. True friends around
  6. A love that never ends
  7. Good health 
  8. Beautiful and happy memories of yesterdays
  9. A kind and grateful heart
  10. A pathway leading to better opportunities
  11. Dreams coming true
  12. Great appreciation for everything you do
 Wishing all of you a meaningful and blessed Christmas! Cheers!

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